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Kamila Palka

Kamila forms part of the Easypromos marketing team and holds a combined honors degree in Digital Media and Marketing, currently studying for a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing. Her tasks include everything that is content-related in English, including social media communications, new blog posts, product demos, and success cases. If she’s not working on a new content piece for Easypromos you will find her working out, skydiving, starting a new series, or spending time with her baby girl.

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Graduation Party Games to Customize and Play Online

Publication date: 29/04/2022

Graduation parties are all about celebrating the hard work, dedication, and endless hours of lectures, seminars, research, and studies that you’ve put in over the course of recent years. Want to make sure your party stands out? In this article, we share ideas and examples of graduation party games that you can fully customize and play online. Take a look!

Best Practices for Instagram Giveaways

Publication date: 31/03/2022

Cut through the noise on Instagram by running comment giveaways. Generate engagement, boost your brand and foster relationships at the same time. In this article, we share ideas, examples, and templates for your giveaways.

The Best Examples of Real Facebook Giveaways: Boost Engagement with Promotions

Publication date: 17/03/2022

Social media channels have become an inseparable part of digital marketing strategies for most companies. But do you know how to effectively engage your online audience? In this article, we take a look at real examples of successful Facebook giveaways. Get ready for a real boost in your social media engagement!

How to Organize Before and After Photo Contests

Publication date: 17/02/2022

Ever heard of before and after photo contests? If so, you will know that they’re the perfect way to showcase your product’s real purpose. Promote your offering by showing your products in action and giving visibility to all the loyal customers that share their transformations with your brand. Read on for examples and templates.

Photo Competitions: Instagram Hashtag Contest App Examples

Publication date: 04/02/2022

Are you looking for real examples of hashtag contests on Instagram? If so, you’re in the right place! Take a look at how brands from different sectors use our Instagram hashtag contest app to energize their communities and gather user-generated content.

Examples of Instagram Photo Contests with Entry Forms for UGC & Leads

Publication date: 31/01/2022

Instagram photo contests are a powerful way to obtain social proof for your communication channels. But wouldn’t it be great to collect new sales leads while gathering user-generated content? Today we talk about creative examples of Instagram photo contests with entry forms and we explain how to convert anonymous followers into sales prospects.

How to Run an Instagram Photo Contest: Examples and Tools

Publication date: 25/01/2022

Do you have an active Instagram community? Maybe it’s time to launch an Instagram photo contest? Take a look at different ways of running photo competitions on Instagram and discover all the important aspects that you should have in mind next time you launch a UGC campaign on Instagram.