Five Ideas for your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Silvia Esteve
Silvia Esteve
A good Twitter marketing strategy is the path to gain followers and engage users who already follow you. It is easier to promote and make relevant content go viral for your brand if you do it through a giveaway. Giveaways and contests generate the highest level of engagement among users, with Retweets being your best allies. Learn how to increase your posts’ engagement with these 5 simple giveaway ideas.

The Easypromos Twitter giveaway tool allows you to create fun and easy-to-manage actions to engage, increase your follower community, drive traffic to your profile, and quickly make your content go viral. The platform allows you to carry out different types of giveaways to include in your Twitter marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some ideas.


Tweeter Marketing Strategy: Retweet-based Giveaway 1

This is one of the most common and effective Twitter giveaway dynamics. Between 30-50% of retweets are typically made on the same day as the post. Use this type of giveaway when your goal is to generate interactions immediately and when you want to distribute prizes among your customers quickly and transparently.

Carry out a final prize draw among users who retweet your post or retweet it with a specific quote during a period of up to 7 days. This way, you will make the giveaway go viral and gain visibility.

Twitter Marketing Strategy: Retweet Giveaway


Tweeter Marketing Strategy: Retweet-based Giveaway 2

In this second type of retweet giveaway, you can draw one or more winners among users who retweet any tweet from a brand that includes a specific hashtag during a period of up to seven days. In this case, the giveaway can be conducted among participants from multiple posts as the tool collects all retweets associated with a hashtag.

Use this type of giveaway, to increase the visibility of a specific campaign or ongoing action.


Twitter Marketing Strategy: Reply-based Giveaway

The reply-based giveaway on Twitter is a dynamic that allows you to get greater feedback from users, as they will voluntarily share their likes or preferences with you. You can select winners and alternates (up to 10) among those who reply to a tweet during a period of up to seven days.

You can ask participants to write a comment or answer an open-ended or multiple choice question, among other dynamics.

Twitter Marketing Strategy: Reply Giveaway


Mention + Hashtag Giveaway

If your goal is to increase brand visibility, the Mention + Hashtag giveaway on Twitter is your best option. In this type of giveaway, you can draw one or several winners among all users who publish a tweet mentioning your brand and including a specific hashtag. This giveaway can be active for up to seven days, long enough to increase your visibility and brand awareness.


Twitter Marketing Strategy: Express Giveaways

The dynamic for carrying out an express giveaway on Twitter is the same as any of the previous ones. The only difference is the time users have to participate. If you want to do an express giveaway, set the participation period to a maximum of one or two days. This will give it a sense of urgency among users, which will increase participation.


As you can see, one of the main benefits of giveaways on Twitter is the increase in engagement. Additionally, you can also grow your account’s follower base, spread relevant information through retweets from your followers, and strengthen your presence on Twitter so that users get to know you better.

Are you looking into launching a Twitter giveaway? Draft your giveaway tweet, sign up to Easypromos, and link your Twitter account to the platform.