Annual Greenpeace Canada Photo Contest

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Photo contests are simple and effective ways to engage and expand your fan base, collect user-generated content to support marketing objectives and generate buzz about your brand. Easypromos' client Greenpeace Canada came to us for help in managing a photo contest that would engage and broaden their audience. The overwhelming success of their program offers a fantastic example of why using an application like Easypromos can not only help the contest run more smoothly, but vastly exceed engagement goals.

Greenpeace Canada and their annual online photo contest


Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior. The organization works to protect and conserve the environment and takes steps towards a greener and more peaceful world. There are 26 independent organizations in over 55 countries, including Canada.

Every year, Greenpeace Canada engages with their online community by launching an annual photo contest. The purpose of the contest is to promote the beauty of nature by showcasing the best Canadian wildlife and landscape photographs.  Each year, hundreds of photography enthusiasts participate in Greenpeace Canada’s contest for a chance to have their pictures printed in calendars and magazines, or to win the prestigious People’s Choice Award. The organizers always look to make the experience user-friendly, accessible, and engaging and this is why they’ve been turning to the Easypromos Voting app since 2014.

Greenpeace annual photo contest

Annual photo contest: every year a different theme

Previously, the organizers simply looked for outstanding wildlife shots, however, since 2019, their contests are themed:

  • 2019: Aquatic landscapes – interested participants shared photographs taken in saltwater and freshwater environments
  • 2020: Mother Nature and her babies – users participated by uploading photographs of animal parents and their babies
  • 2021: No place like home – entrants shared pictures of animals in their natural habitats

greenpeace canada photo contest

Greenpeace Canada’s aim is to attract as many participants as possible. To do so, the organizers share their promotion on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is not only a good way to drive new participants to the contest but also to give additional visibility and exposure to the idea and organization.

The photo contest app used by Greenpeace Canada

Every year, the organizers must smoothly organize a national online photo contest, with a limited period of time to reach as many participants as possible. They opted for an external photo contest app that allows them to collect all entries in an easy and straightforward way. By sharing the online photo contest on their social media channels, Greenpeace Canada also ensured that more people would participate in the voting process.

After a review of several promotional applications, Greenpeace Canada chose the Easypromos photo contest app because of its intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface, customer support, and smart design.

The results of Greenpeace Canada’s photo contests

Greenpeace Canada runs engaging photo contests every year, attracting supporters from across the country to submit beautiful high-quality photos of Canadian wildlife and landscapes. Each Greenpeace Canada’s photo contest edition attracts hundreds of participants, sometimes even with a 600% increase over the previous year’s results (2014 to 2015), as it offered opportunities to broaden participation through voting on favorites. The most popular was the 2019 edition, with more than 2300 participating entries.

greenpeace canada photo contest 2019

So you might be wondering what Greenpeace does with such high-quality user-generated content? An internal jury chooses the best photographs for Greenpeace’s calendars or magazines. However, there is also a People’s Choice Award that goes to the participant who submitted the shot with the most votes.

“The Easypromos app offered everything Greenpeace needed to run an engaging photo contest on social media. The contest setup was intuitive and up and running in no time. Easypromos support staff was there to help every step of the way and were intent on ensuring our contest was a success. The photo gallery was well-designed and easy to navigate. We especially liked that our supporters and their friends and family could vote on which photos they liked, opening the contest up to an even wider audience.


-Jackie Gallagher-

Head of Supporter Journey, Greenpeace Canada 

So would you like to create your own Photo Contest with Easypromos but you have some questions? Don’t worry, you can now contact our Support Team! They’re always ready to assist and inspire!