International Women’s Day contest ideas to celebrate with your community

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
For more than a century, people around the world have celebrated International Women's Day on March 8th. It's a day to focus on the achievements of women, and continue the fight for global equality. So how can your brand get involved?

Think of the women in your life: family, friends, colleagues, customers, students, peers, role models. International Women’s Day is a chance to highlight their success – and give something back to the community. Below, we’ve collected 5 ideas for International Women’s Day contests, promotions, and online celebrations.

Women’s Day writing contest to celebrate women and raise awareness

When it comes to giving your audience a voice, a writing contest can be the best choice. It will engage your audience and start a real conversation on important topics. That’s exactly what the Spanish organization Malas Madres and Cinfa laboratories did with a writing contest with the objective of giving women who were facing life struggles a space to share their stories. You can read the whole case study clicking on the image below.

Malas Madres Cinfa writing contest

Women’s Day celebration ideas for social media: events and awareness campaigns

Hundreds of events are normally scheduled to celebrate Women’s Day. You could set up a party, dinner, or brand event to mark the day too.

Women’s rights and political participation have hugely improved in Nigeria, however, certain religious and cultural constraints still perpetuate gender inequality. Here’s an example from Abuja Hair and Beauty. This business located in Nigeria decided to celebrate “women businesses, achievements and the essence of womanhood”.

women's day contest ideas

Think about how to focus your event on women and their achievements. For example, you could raise funds for a women’s charity or support businesses owned by women.

Look for local companies or social enterprises that play a role in the community. For example, this catering company is run by the Serbian NGO ATINA, and employs survivors of human trafficking.

women's day contest ideas

And if you really can’t organize your own event, you still have options. Think about teaming up with another brand, or offering to sponsor an International Women’s Day event. Local charities and sports teams are a great place to start.

Are you looking for ideas to organize International Women’s Day online promotions? Discover examples of interactive apps and contests that you can set up in minutes and entertain your audience this IWD!

Organize an awards ceremony for women in your industry

Sometimes we don’t hear enough about women’s achievements. But the world is full of inspirational, powerful women! International Women’s Day is the perfect time to make some noise about the women who have impacted your life. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Fashion brand Knomo celebrated its 15th birthday on International Women’s Day. So they organized the Knomo Award for “extraordinary and entrepreneurial women”.

women's day contest ideas

Finalists received generous prizes from Knomo, Sweaty Betty, and The Fold. The brand donated to Smart Works – a UK charity that supports unemployed women to return to work.

Think about creating an award for women in your industry. It’s a chance to highlight best practices and inspire new recruits! For example, freelance platform PeoplePerHour introduced its own award for International Women’s Day. Each nominee shared her story and anyone could vote.

Women's day contest ideas:Banner announcing the People Per Hour Female Freelancer of the Year award and introducing the nominees

If you’re planning a Women’s Day event you have many different ways to surprise your audience with extra entertainment and excitement. Instagram Stories have become a permanent element of our culture, and it’s more than sure that there will be many of them created during your awards ceremony! So why don’t you take advantage of it with an Instagram Stories giveaway? Easypromos offers the only tool available in the market to run fully automated and reliable giveaways on Instagram Stories.

Are you planning to distribute some extra prizes? Maybe the event sponsors donated their products or you want to promote your merchandise? Again, if excitement and entertainment are some of your objectives you should opt for a LIVE giveaway!

Take Women’s Day celebration to social media and empower your female co-workers

If your budget doesn’t run to a glitzy award ceremony, then you can still celebrate women in your industry through social media or in-house Women’s Day celebrations.

Easypromos #eachforequal

Last year our team participated in the #EachForEqual campaign. We shared pictures of our co-workers showing their support for gender quality. Apart from sharing great content we also had a chance to promote our core values.

International Women’s Day contest ideas for social media

Here’s a fun way to celebrate International Women’s Day, especially if you run a B2C brand. Everyone likes a treat – so you could share one-off, themed products.

The official color of International Women’s Day is purple, so an Australian bakery decided to share some special purple-iced cakes on March 8th. They also had the bright idea of screen-printing the International Women’s Day logo on some cake toppers.

Instagram post showing two cupcakes decorated with purple icing and the International Women's Day logo. The cakes are available to pre-order for IWD celebrations.

Little details like this are great for an International Women’s Day event, or to share around the office. You could also think about running a themed giveaway or special offer to celebrate the day.

Social media giveaways are quick to set up and run. They’re also great to start real conversations with your audience and to increase your brand exposure. Head to our special blog post with many ideas for International Women’s Day social media giveaways!

Boost donations to International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day isn’t just about recognizing the progress we have made – although that’s very important! The day also serves as a reminder that we have a long way to go.

So it’s a good moment to highlight the efforts of women’s charities and support them where possible. Here’s one example from Espell, a global translation, and localization company. They ran an International Women’s Day drive to collect sanitary products for a shelter in Budapest.

Facebook post announcing a charity drive to collect sanitary products for homeless women. The image shows 6 tampons arranged in a star shape on a yellow background, with the title "Donate feminine hygiene products to homeless women".

You can combine charity efforts with other events. In this example, two brands teamed up to offer free blow-dries for International Women’s Day. However, to join in the party, customers are asked to make a donation to Share The Dignity, an Australian foundation for at-risk women.

Set up an International Women’s Day contest and collect UGC

There are about 3.75 billion women in the world – and up to 1.6 billion of them are on social media!

Ask people to share their hopes for International Women’s Day, quotes that have inspired them, or photos of the women in their lives. You can even organize a Photo Contest! To make it even more entertaining, you can create special stickers to celebrate International Women’s Day. Upload them to our PhotoFun app and ask your followers to decorate their pictures.

International Women's Day

You can allow people to vote for their favorite pictures and then organize a random prize draw between the top three entries. And if you feel generous, you can even run a sweepstakes for all people that voted.

Online contests are also great for International Women’s Day celebrations. Knowledge Quizzes or Personality Tests are engaging and they allow you to collect leads of potential customers. Prepare some easy questions about Women’s Day, and to motivate more people, throw in an incentive. In order to enter, the participants will have to leave their contact details, so they will automatically become your leads.

International Women's Day

At the end of the promotion run a random prize draw for all the participants that answered the questions correctly. You can also distribute discount codes or vouchers to all your entrants. This way you ensure that some of the participants might become paying customers! Remember, you can embed the promotion on your website! Try our Knowledge Quiz DEMO to experience the real UX.

Are you in doubt or unsure about your IWD promotion or Women’s Day celebration ideas? No worries! Contact us through our Online Chat and one of our agents will resolve all your problems!