6 success stories for Multi-Network Social Media Giveaways

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
The world of social media is getting bigger - and marketers are spreading their ad investment across more networks than ever before. Let's take a look at how a multi platform winner picker for social media giveaways can help, with 6 success stories from 6 different retail sectors.

Use a multi platform giveaway picker to run multi-network social media giveaways

The shift from traditional marketing channels to digital and social media marketing is a fully established trend and it gets stronger every year. For social media marketers, choosing the right network to invest their time and marketing budget is the cornerstone of success. And although the results still show that Facebook leads in volume of active users, more than 50% of marketers plan to increase investment in social media networks. Therefore, if you are looking to run giveaways on several social networks at once, a multi platform winner picker tool is a must!

Multi platform winner picker

But a comprehensive social media strategy doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. There are tools out there which can increase engagement for minimal effort – such as the multi-network giveaway app.

I was very glad y’all added the multi network option. I had people complaining that we weren’t doing our Facebook giveaway on Instagram too! I was glad we could keep everyone happy on their preferred platform.

Cassie Mcpherson, Granbury Cabins

6 examples of multi-network social media giveaways

We’ve carefully chosen these success stories from 6 different sectors – so whatever your brand, you should find some inspiration here. Read on to learn about contest strategies, how to target specific demographics, and how to combine ads with organic reach.

Fashion and accessories: ModCloth

Online fashion brand ModCloth has become hugely popular in the US for its quirky, vintage-inspired style. It boasts 1.6 million Facebook followers, and over 600,000 on Instagram.

ModCloth has a thriving online community, and stays up to date with seasonal offers and events around the country. And for Halloween this year, they decided to step up their strategy with a giveaway that would unite Facebook and Instagram followers. 

Multi-network social media giveways fashion Modcloth Instagram

The competition dynamic was simple: they asked followers to tag their most Halloween-obsessed friend. One winner would be selected with a random comment picker app to win a pack of adorable Halloween accessories.

You might wonder why ModCloth chose the same question for both Facebook and Instagram. Don’t the two networks have different styles and demographics? Well, yes – but there’s another important consideration here.

Multi-network social media giveaways fashion Modcloth Facebook

Although every social network is different, consumers are looking for a consistent experience. Consistent customer service, consistent product quality, consistent values and style. That’s why ModCloth published a virtually identical post to their Facebook and Instagram.

Multi platform winner picker in food and health: Milky Mama

Milky Mama is a specialist food and dietary supplement brand, aimed at breastfeeding mothers. They’ve built a thriving online community, with over 100,000 Instagram followers, and almost 200,000 Facebook followers.

Milky Mama’s followers are active, engaged, and interested. They are expert parents – so Milky Mama offers lots of informational content and parenting memes. It’s a great example of how to exploit a brand niche.

In recent months, Milky Mama has started a weekly tradition: Trivia Thursday. Each week, they share one quick question on Facebook and Instagram, with store credit as the prize. They follow up by sharing the answer in the comments.

Multi platform winner picker in food and health: Milky Mama

Take a look at the example above. The post received almost 400 comments, in contrast to 40 likes. Although some marketers are still chasing likes, the high-quality engagement you get from comments is far more valuable on social media.

It’s a smart choice of social network, too. Facebook is a popular forum for parents, while Instagram attracts a health-conscious, relatively affluent audience. Together, the two networks form the perfect audience for Milky Mama.

Multi platform winner picker in food and health: Milky Mama

The Trivia Thursday posts are ideal for social network algorithms, too. They are regular, relevant and rewarding. And we can see the proof in the comments!

Comments on Milky Mama’s giveaway posts have steadily increased with each week. Trivia Thursday now receives almost 2000 comments on each Instagram post, and over 800 on Facebook.

Multi platform winner picker in arts and crafts: Biscotte Yarns

Biscotte Yarns is a small, boutique wool company. But since 2007, the brand has built up over 11,000 Instagram followers, 8,000 Facebook followers in English, and another 15,000 followers on their French Facebook page. The arts and crafts community is small and tight-knit (see what we did there?), so Biscotte enjoys a very active community.

They recently decided to run multi-network social media giveaways on Facebook and Instagram, in order to reward loyal customers and learn more about shoppers’ tastes. The idea was simple, but elegant.

Multi platform winner picker in arts and crafts: Biscotte Yarns

Biscotte posted photos of the yarn kit they were giving away, available in 6 different colorways. For a chance to win, people just had to comment and explain which set of colors they would prefer. So as well as collecting comments, Biscotte got insights into which colors are most popular with their target market.

Multi platform winner picker in arts and crafts: Biscotte Yarns

To maximize reach, Biscotte didn’t just run the contest on Facebook and Instagram. They also created posts in both French and English. So they reached the widest audience possible, and collected specific information from two different segments.

To collect comments in both languages, Biscotte created posts on both their Facebook accounts: Biscotte Yarns and Les Laines Biscotte. With the multi-network app, they could harvest comments from the two profiles in a single giveaway.

Multi platform winner picker in travel and tourism: Granbury Cabins

Granbury Cabins is a boutique retreat in Texas, USA. Their traditional-style cabins combine luxury and comfort with a peaceful, off-the-grid experience. Their Facebook followers give them a full 5 stars for a peaceful, romantic holiday experience.

Granbury Cabins decided to increase their fall visitors, and show off their glamping accommodation, with multi-network social media giveaways on Instagram and Facebook. They created a detailed strategy that extended the giveaway for almost a month, with increased engagement and plenty of publicity.

Multi platform winner picker in travel and tourism: Granbury Cabins

They created a total of 8 different giveaway posts, using a range of photos from their beautiful Windy Ridge location. This was a great way to advertize the cabins and tents to a wider audience. And it gave the brand some insight into which photos are most popular on each social network.

Multi platform winner picker in travel and tourism: Granbury Cabins

In order to take part, people had to comment and explain “the one item they couldn’t go camping without”. The answers ranged from the practical – bug spray and gas stove – to the romantic. One commenter said she simply couldn’t travel without her husband!

Multi platform winner picker in travel and tourism: Granbury Cabins

The question set off a big conversation on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram, with users sharing memories from previous holidays and talking about how much they loved Granbury Cabins.


Finally, the brand maximized engagement by posting reminders. On the final day of the contest, they published an Instagram post to remind followers that they only had 24 hours left to enter. Then they followed up with a surprise discount reward for everyone – even those who didn’t win.

Multi platform winner picker in kids and babies: Snüz

Snüz is an award-winning brand for baby clothes, sleepwear and gear. They have built a strong brand identity, focused on families, with almost 30,000 Instagram followers and over 12,000 Facebook followers. The brand regularly shares giveaways, discounts, and parenting tips on their social channels.

Snüz decided to level-up their regular Friday giveaways by trying the new multi-network app. They gave away three sleepwear gift sets to followers who commented on their Facebook or Instagram page.


Running regular giveaways like this is a great way to build up a relationship with your customers. People know that they should tune in every week, and they view your brand as generous and worth following.

Multi-network social media giveaways clothes kids Instagram Snuz

The Snüz giveaway posts on Facebook and Instagram received hundreds of original, engaging comments. The winners were announced the following Friday – just in time for people to see the next giveaway post going up!

Multi platform winner picker in adventure sports: G&V Adventures

G&V Adventures creates camping, sports and survival equipment, made to the highest standards of Swiss manufacturing. The start-up offers quality outdoor equipment to a select, sophisticated audience. Since G&V Adventures know their audience, they can run highly targeted giveaways, combining standard posts with segmented ads.

The multi-network giveaway doesn’t just collect posts and comments from different social networks. It’s also a tool to include promoted posts and ads in your promotions. So in this giveaway, G&V Adventures captured comments from dark posts, as well as their main Newsfeed.

Multi-network social media giveaways adventure sports Facebook

Here’s a valuable secret about social media giveaways: you can’t ask for followers on Facebook. But we’ve found that when you run a Facebook giveaway, users will spontaneously click that Like button. So while G&V Adventures rewarded existing followers, they also attracted a large new audience with targeted ads about the promotion.

Learn more about creating your own multi-network social media giveaways. We’d love to see you what you come up with, and if you have any questions, contact our customer support team via live chat. We will be happy to help!