How to Create Online Team Building Activities

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Team building is a vital aspect of any successful and efficient team. The lack of cooperation and coordination between team members may lead to decreased productivity and low performance. Keeping that in mind, companies must invest time and resources into team building activities, especially now when remote working is becoming the new norm. Luckily for supervisors and employees, the Internet is full of possibilities for online team building activities.

Let’s start by stating the obvious: the secret to team success lies in teamwork. Each employee should always feel comfortable and confident to share their views and ideas. It might seem that boosting employee morale and organizing team-building activities used to be easier than it is right now – with remote working becoming a normalized way of employment, the offices are now seeing fewer and fewer employees walking through the door. It means you can now discard traditional office activities. But it doesn’t mean that there are no other ways to organize team-building events; on the contrary, there are many ways to boost team morale virtually. In this blog post, we take a look at the most popular and useful ways to create online team-building activities:

Knockout tournament: vote for your favorite co-workers or projects

Have you ever heard about knockout tournaments? How about building one to engage your audience and generate excitement? 

We’d like to start by saying that any excuse is good enough to create team-building activities – birthdays, company anniversaries, bank holidays, and even carnival! Take a look at our example of online team-building activity. With the majority of our employees working from home, we looked for a fun way to celebrate carnival (and a great excuse to dress up!). For three days, we challenged our colleagues to complete different challenges:

  1. Share a picture of a fashionable hairstyle or headcover 
  2. Share a shot of a funny scarf or tie
  3. Take a picture of yourself wearing something blue (like the Easypromos logo)

We then chose the best picture out of the three for each participant and created a Tournament Bracket where each team member voted for their favorite costume or hairstyle. 

team building online: brackets to engage users

To make the whole activity even more fun, we attended the video call with… costumes. Some of our colleagues really put some effort into creating their best looks! 

easypromos carnival

Virtual Escape Rooms: the new alternative to team building days out

When escape rooms started gaining popularity, they quickly became the go-to activity for companies looking for team-building activities. At the end of the day they’re the perfect solution; to complete an escape room you need your team to together solve a problem. Your employees work from different locations? Or maybe you can’t find a date to go out that works well for everyone? Well, we have a proposal!

Our marketing manager took the time to prepare an online escape room for our virtual Christmas party. Prior to the event, each one of us answered a series of questions, played games, and shared themed selfies. All this was then used to prepare an escape room!

On the big day, we were divided into teams of three. Each team connected on a new video call and the team leader shared their screen with the other members to together solve quizzes, games, and riddles. 

word search as part of en escape room

We had to find popular monster names in a Word Search, chronologically place all of our products and complete a Timed Quiz about our team members’ likes and preferences! One thing was sure – we all had tons of fun! 

You can create your online escape room with Easypromos like any other promotion – they’re fully customizable, meaning that you can add your corporate images, change the texts and create an escape room on any topic!

Boost rivalry with a Live Giveaway online

Does your team respond positively to contests and giveaways? Take advantage of the excitement that sweepstakes generate and use it to boost team morale and productivity… because the best way to do it is by rewarding your employees. 

Organize a Live Giveaway in which users can participate from their mobile devices. Invite everyone to a video conference and share your screen so that everyone can scan the QR code and be taken to the giveaway page.

live giveaway team building

You can then display a few questions, for example about the history of your company, and then run a random prize draw among those that correctly answered all the questions. Success guaranteed!

Engage your employees with a fun Spin the Wheel game

Have your Zoom meetings reached the point where no one’s excited anymore? It’s time to change that! Prepare a Spin the Wheel promotion with your employees’ names and spin it to choose winners of your random giveaways. Have nothing to give away? No problem! Use our online prize wheel for karaoke challenges, or… you can combine it with another wheel!

spin the wheel game with employee names for team building

Use the name wheel to pick a colleague that will have to… perform a quick exercise, yoga pose, dance move, or… anything you can think of! But in case you opt for a quick exercise, take a look at the following example of a fitness wheel – instead of prizes or names, each segment corresponds to a different exercise.

fitness prize wheel

Organize daily, weekly or monthly promotions to keep the buzz up

Would you like to organize a series of games, quizzes or promotions that your employees can access, daily, weekly or monthly? It’s surely a great way to keep up the excitement and engage the team – it is therefore a great team building solution for any company!

The Multi-Game application allows you to launch branded games for your team and reward all participants that enter each game, or only those that participate in all stages of the promotion. What’s the fun in Multi-Game applications? They can be used as countdowns to holidays or big events like new product launches!

Multi-game example for team building online

Vote for your favorite coworkers

Is your team full of big personalities or really funny individuals? Organize a fun voting contest and ask your employees to vote for their favorite coworkers – you can even crazy different categories!


Choose the funniest, the most clumsy, or the one with the best ideas and obviously don’t forget to reward the winners!

Not sure how to pick the candidates for your voting contest? Organize a Photo Contest to collect all candidacies – that way you will know for sure who’s interested in your competition. Remember that Photo Contests are fantastic for team building! You can organize contests for the best recipes, paintings or the funniest pets!

We hope these easy ideas have given you enough inspiration to organize team-building activities for your brand! Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions! 

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