Six Steps to Create a Successful Spin the Wheel promotion

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
When it comes to games of chance, few have become as ubiquitous and popular as the all-time classic Spin the Wheel. From decades-lasting TV game shows to traveling fun fairs, this game of chance is as recognizable as it is simple to play. Give a spin, cross your fingers, and find out right there and then if you have won a prize.

As the world and daily life become ever so digital, so do these timeless classics. And so, the cumbersome, big, heavy wheels are becoming digital and have made their way into the digital marketing world as a very popular and convenient element of gamified promotional campaigns.

This popular game is in itself simple and straightforward, but that does not mean that simply setting up an online Spin the Wheel as the centerpiece of a promotion will automatically make it a successful one. Having said this, go over the necessary considerations and steps to take to create a successful online Spin the Wheel promotion.

Define your Spin the Wheel promotion marketing objectives

This might come across as quite obvious, but different marketing objectives require different strategies. What’s more, the way a Spin the Wheel promotion is configured will determine which objectives it is likely to achieve. For example: do you want to drive traffic to your website or shop? Capture leads? Reward customers and build loyalty? Encourage repeat purchases?

Online Spin the Wheel

As you can see, there are more than a few marketing objectives for which a Spin the Wheel promotion will be appropriate. So how does that matter? Well, the mechanics of the promotion have to be in line with the objective that you have chosen. Let’s take a quick look at some examples.

Objective: Capturing Leads

If you’re on the smart side of marketing, you know that Zero-Party Data collection is the way to go. Include a registration form as a participation requirement and customize it to gather the user information that interests you. You can either ask participants to register before spinning the wheel for a chance to win a prize. Or you can let them spin the wheel first and register afterward to be able to claim their prize. Either way, users will share their information with you willingly.

Objective: Drive traffic to your shop

If you want to drive traffic to your online shop, you can embed the Prize Roulette on your website and share the link on your social media inviting your followers to play for the chance of winning a prize or a discount. What’s important is to get them to your website, after all, that’s where the Prize Wheel is!

Objective: Reward customers, build loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases

You can configure your Prize Wheel promotion so that customers get to spin the wheel after they have completed their purchase. Offer them the chance to win a product sample or any other kind of swag. You can also give them discount coupons for their next purchase as a way to encourage repeat purchases.

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Define the prizes and their distribution

Defining the prizes that you are offering in your Spin the Wheel promotion might come across as a simple task, but there is a little more than that to it. Let’s say that you are offering 20 minor prizes, ten medium prizes, and one major prize. The best course of action would be to define the winning odds of each of the prizes according to their value. That is to say, the higher the value of the prize, the lower the odds of winning. You might also want to include some “No Win” segments in the Prize Wheel.

spin the wheel

In case you want certain prizes to be given away at specific moments, such as a moment of high volume of foot traffic or a certain time of day, configure the Prize Wheel to do so. As a general rule of thumb, a combination of odds and instant win is the best way to optimize prize distribution among your clients.

Participation requirements

Make sure you clearly state the participation requirements i.e., when the promotion starts and when it finishes, how the prizes will be delivered or how to claim them, exemptions and exclusions, etc. It is also important to limit the access to the promotion to a certain geographical area if that is the case. Clearly explained rules and participation requirements will not only save you more than one headache, but they will also help you build trust and a good reputation. Not to mention that it’s standard good practice.

Live event Spin the Wheel

Terms and Conditions

Always, and we mean always, include the terms and conditions in your promotion and make them visible. A link to a URL with the full T&C.  This is not only a good practice, it is a legal requirement pretty much everywhere. Easypromos offers Terms and Conditions templates for you to simply fill out with your information and include them in your promotion.

Choose the channels to share your Spin the Wheel promotion

Once you have configured your promotion and you are set to go, it’s time to make sure it will get to your target audience. Once again, the best way to share your promotion will depend on your marketing objectives. Social media, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and instant messaging apps are all valid channels to share your promotion.

Social Media Spin the Wheel

Choose the right platform to manage your Spin the Wheel promotion

Now that you know the essential steps to create your Spin the Wheel promotion, it’s time to make a crucial decision: which platform to use. With Easypromos you will find that configuring your promotion is easy and intuitive. With Easypromos you can:

  • Configure the registration form to include the data you are interested in
  • Embed the prize roulette on your website with the widget feature
  • Configure the prize distribution by odds and/or instant win
  • Use the Spin the Wheel app to distribute coupon codes or discounts
  • Use our terms and conditions templates
  • And many more features for you to discover…

Check out our Spin the Wheel DEMOS and templates to get a better feel of the customer experience and how easy it is to organize your own promotion. What’s more, you can create your account for free and configure and test your promotion. No payments details will be required until you decide to launch the promotion.

We hope these steps will help you set up a successful Spin the Wheel promotion, if you have any question or need more information, contact our customer support team via live chat. We will be happy to help!

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