Great Examples of Spin the Wheel online Promotions

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Interactive content is the latest trend of digital marketing and branded prize wheels happen to be great tools for customer acquisition and retention. Would you also like to boost sales, expand your mailing list, and promote your brand and product? No problem! Today we share real examples of Spin the Wheel promotions launched with Easypromos. Read on to get inspired!

Nothing attracts online user’s attention as much as the word “win” does. So imagine how many potential customers you could attract by taking advantage of the excitement generated by online contests. It’s common knowledge that users are likely to share their contact information with brands that give away freebies, trendy products, or even discount vouchers. Simply put, no one likes to share their details for nothing.

Branded prize wheels are effective for acquiring names and email addresses of the consumers that are already familiar with your brand, as well as the ones that only just heard about you. If you’re wondering why that is, then the answer is very simple. The simplicity of entering prize wheel contests makes users realize that in fact, they have nothing to lose. So why not just try their luck? 

The best thing about the Easypromos Spin the Wheel app is that it can be used by any brand, from literally any sector to achieve a variety of marketing objectives such as capturing leads, boosting sales, reinforcing customer loyalty, and spreading brand and product awareness. In this article, we take you through real examples of prize wheel promotions created with our prize wheel application, and we explain how they helped their organizers achieve different marketing goals. Read on!

Convert website visitors into leads with a spin the wheel online promotion

Fisiomarket, a Spanish physiotherapy supplies provider, came up with a campaign prior to its attendance to the FisioExpo 2023. The company included a banner on its website featuring a Spin the Wheel promotion.

When clicking on a banner like this, users are redirected to the promotion’s microsite to participate. After filling out the registration form, participants got to spin the wheel for the chance to winning a prize. And here’s where the genius of this promotion is: the prizes had to be redeemed in person at Fisomarket’s booth at the FisioExpo trade fair.

Fiosomarket Spin the Wheel Promotion

With this promotion, the company not only transformed anonymous visitor to its web into qualified leads, but it also drew foot traffic to its stand. Providing the brad with further networking and sales opportunities!

You can now distribute prizes in your Spin the Wheel promotion by winning moments and probabilities! Learn more about the two different types of Spin the Wheel prizes.

Promote health and entertain your audience with a fitness wheel

Customer relationships are vital for brand longevity – consumers are more likely to choose brands that share their values. And as 73% of Americans report working out once or twice per week, promoting fitness is a wonderful way to reach a wider audience on social media. Do it with a branded fitness wheel to entertain your audience further, and grow your database. Here’s an example of a promotion that was created by us as a way of entertaining our teammates. It turned out to be a great success that since then has been recreated by other brands.

branded prize wheel example - fitness wheel by easypromos

The Spin the Wheel wedges normally present prizes that are up for grabs. In this case, they were substituted by different exercises. The users registered to gain access to the wheel, and then spun it to discover their daily exercise. 

branded prize wheel examples - fitness wheel by easypromos

The fitness wheel allows brand to not only deliver great content but also boost engagement and brand awareness, while also collecting brand new contact details for mailing lists. If you’re looking to attract as many players as possible, make sure you incentivize the participation. Give discount codes to all registered users, or raffle a trendy prize that appeals to fitness enthusiasts. 

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Take a look at this prize wheel example from a popular fitness instructor. The sports teacher that gained popularity during the lockdowns set off on a national tour during which he motivated families to work out and stay active. Each person that participated in his events got a chance to spin the virtual wheel. All the participants got a chance to win attractive prizes such as free access to the instructor’s fitness app, hoodies, and caps, while the organizer got to maximize his database.

sports wheel

Celebrate holidays with Spin the Wheel online promotions to reinforce brand and product awareness

We all know that there are some holidays that the majority of your audience likes to celebrate, including Christmas. Christmas is also the time of year when we spend more than normal. Presents, decorations, travel, and Black Friday just some weeks before Christmas mean that consumers are on a lookout for deals. Giving your audience a chance to win Christmas hampers, discounts, and maybe even gifts for their family is a great way to build better relationships and reinforce their loyalty

The following Christmas prize wheel can be easily shared across social media channels in an attempt to convert followers into high-quality leads. You will have higher chances of doing so by offering prizes that appeal to your target audience. If your business is a beauty shop you might want to share gift boxes of premium cosmetics or hampers full of wine if you’re a winery owner. Here’s an example of a branded prize wheel that could be shared by a market, supermarket, or local food shop. 

branded prize wheel examples - christmas wheel

Did you know that you can embed branded prize roulettes on your website, as well as display them as pop-ups? It’s the easiest way to expand your mailing list with the contact details of your website visitors

Black Friday and St. Patrick’s Day prize wheels

As we’ve just mentioned Black Friday, here’s an example from TravelUp, another British travel agency that looked to reconnect with their audience for Black Friday. They launched a customer-driven campaign that helped them engage with their audience, reward them, and therefore strengthen the already existing relationships

branded prize wheel promotion example from travelup, black friday wheel

Interested participants registered and spun the wheel to walk away with discounts on flights and holiday packages. Apart from attracting their existing customers, the roulette also brought many potential customers looking to book their next adventures. As you can see, prize wheels not only grow your mailing lists but also can successfully help you to boost sales

Let’s go for another one? 

St. Patrick’s Day means thousands of people around the globe, celebrating this fun day in green colors. Here’s an example of a fun roulette that can be launched by bars, pubs, and even restaurants. In this example, the users registered in the promotion for a chance to win drink and food vouchers redeemable on St. Patrick’s Day in the organizing pub. 

branded prize wheel example st patricks day

This type of promotion is an incredible tactic to not only engage your customers but also drive traffic (that includes new clients, too) to your premises. Just imagine all the excitement on St. Patrick’s Day when all the happy customers arrived to redeem their vouchers! One thing we’re sure about: they ended up spending more money! And that’s often the main objective of prize wheel promotions. 

Retain customers with branded prize wheels 

So far we’ve mentioned that online prize wheels are perfect lead acquisition tools. But now let’s focus on the fact that you can online launch prize wheel promotions to retain your existing customers. Make sure you stay top of mind with your clients by reaching out with fantastic content. Spin the Wheel promotions are not only interactive and creative but also visually appealing, which helps the customer experience. 

branded prize wheel promotion

Take a look at this example from a Bulgarian event management company. They reached out to previous customers and invited them to spin the wheel. Buffet and room upgrades, extra drinks, and free rental of projectors were among the prizes. 

Did you know that you can drive more traffic and encourage repeat purchases by embedding your branded prize wheel in your customer area, intranet, or even mobile app? Use the advanced auto login API to redirect customers into logged in areas without the need to log in again.

Use a spin the wheel online promotion to boost sales

You might think that online prize wheels can be used only by big brands but that’s not necessarily true. Online users enjoy interactivity so engage your audience with interactive promotions, no matter the size of your business.

Here’s a great example from Raro Tattoo – a small Canadian tattoo & piercing shop. The organizers wanted to attract customers and to do so they gave away discounts and store credit to ALL participants! What a great way to increase sales and drive traffic!

Raro Tattoo spin the wheel

We hope that by now you have a better understanding of how to use branded prize wheels in your marketing strategy. Let’s sum up all the objectives that you can achieve with Spin the Wheel promotions:

  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Reinforce customer loyalty
  • Distribute coupons and prizes to boost sales
  • Grow mailing list 
  • Entertain your customers and boost engagement
  • Increase social media visibility

Not so bad, right? 

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