The New Challenge for Brands:
Adapt Promotions to Smartphones

Randi Jensen
Randi Jensen
Press release - Barcelona, Spain - March 2017 The mobile phone is the most used device to participate in online promotions and sweepstakes. The Smartphone already outperformed the computer as an Internet gateway in 2016 and a recent study that Easypromos has developed, shows that it is also the most used device to participate in contests and sweepstakes on Facebook.

In fact, 67.56% of all that have participated in a contest during the first months of 2017 have done so via their mobile phone, compared to only 28.47% in 2014. When it comes to voting for entries in promotions, the number is even higher: 84.89% of the voting is done from a mobile device. According to Carles Bonfill, CEO of Easypromos: “We anticipate that this number will increase to reach 90% participation via smartphone”.

The digital revolution that we’re living is unique in history. Being connected is basic and necessary and the brands have to adapt their messages and actions to the right channels. Mobile marketing is no longer something new in test stage and should be incorporated in the general strategy of the brand.

The agencies and the brands should start planning to make the smartphone their main channel, not only because it’s trending but because it can offer an infinity of information. This channel makes it possible to obtain very valuable information, for example the geolocation of where the users participate, the moment they do it, or even which products are the most sold in a specific location.

According to Carles Bonfill, “The most revealing of these data, is that the marketing agencies and the brands should change their approach and start to design their contests with the mobile devices in mind and adapt their promotions to smartphones, given that 80% of the users will be participating via this device”.

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About Easypromos:

Easypromos was founded in 2010 and is leader in creation and management of digital campaigns. They build up an experience of more than 450.000 campaigns for clients from more than 114 countries and the platform is available in 30 languages. They have 2 million active users per month on average and offer 21 different types of promotions, among others sweepstakes, photo and video contests, multiple‐choice tests, surveys, coupons, promotional codes, voting system, Facebook Live survey etc. The platform characterizes for being trustworthy and simple to use and is available for all social networks, it’s compatible with all devices and allows independent campaign management.

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