Promotional Codes

Use our Promotional Codes app to distribute unique coupon codes to users upon registration. Incentivize purchases and increase visits to your points of sale by distributing promotional codes to participants which they can redeem for discounts or gifts. Verify the codes at the point of sale easily and effectively with the Code Redemption Portal. Make the most of this incentive to attract users and expand your database of potential customers. 

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Promotional Codes

Distribute unique promotional codes with the Promotional Codes app, which will allow you to incentivize online purchases and encourage visits to your e-commerce or online store by means of a code that can be redeemed for discounts, gifts, offers and promotions. The promotional codes app maker will let you distribute unique alphanumeric codes to participants, which you can previously upload to the tool. In order to obtain a code, users will be required to fill in a registration form which can be fully customized by the administrator. This way, besides having a system to distribute the codes in a controlled way, you will be able to obtain all contact details of the users that register in the promotion. The promotional codes app maker provides all the tools to make the distribution complete: instructions, automatic sending of the code via email, export users with the codes assigned into CSV, etc. In addition, in order to automatize and speed up the code redemption process in the stores, you will be able to show the code in barcode or QR code format. This way, the codes will be converted automatically into barcode or QR code format. In addition, you will be able to use the Code Redemption Portal in order to automatically verify the codes in the store.

Main Features

  • Upload the codes to the application

    Upload the codes to the application

    Upload the alphanumeric codes to the application and distribute them to the participants when they reach the final page of the promotion. You can give the same code to all the users or you can make each code unique. You can also configure it so that the promotion closes once all the codes have been assigned, or, alternatively, you can have the codes reassigned.

  • Upload up to 2 million codes

    Upload up to 2 million codes

    The system is prepared to support a large volume of codes, up to 2 million per promotion. You can create a codeset, which will allow you to upload all the codes in batches of 20,000. In addition, you will have tools to easily manage the codes while the promotion is active (functions to search, filter, sort, delete, etc.).

  • Offer various ways of downloading the code

    Offer various ways of downloading the code

    The user obtains the promo code after completing the registration and reaching the final page. This code can come with a customized coupon image specifying the gift or associated discount. The system gives the users various options to obtain the code: they can print it directly, save it as a PDF document or send it to by email.

  • Show code instructions

    Show code instructions

    Activate a field to show the instructions for redemption of the coupon code together with the code to explain how and where it can be redeemed and the time period the code is valid for. You can also insert a link to the point of sale where it can be redeemed. The instructions will be included in all the options for downloading the code so the user can consult them at any time.

  • Show the code in barcode or QR code format

    Show the code in barcode or QR code format

    Automatize and speed up the code redemption process by showing the codes in barcode or QR format. This way, all codes uploaded to the application will be displayed to the user in barcode or QR code format. This will help users to redeem their code in the store. In addition, you will be able to automatically send the barcode via email by using the Emails Platform.

  • Verify the codes with the Validation Portal

    Verify the codes with the Validation Portal

    Use the Code Redemption Portal to validate the codes directly at the point of sale (POS) from any device connected to the Internet. Just by entering the promotional code into the portal or scanning the QR with a device, the application will confirm whether the code is valid or not, if it has already been redeemed, or if it is not a correct code.

Promotional Codes Combine it with...

  • Coupons

    Complete the presentation of the code with a coupon image that specifies what the gift or discount is.

  • Surveys

    Use the code to reward participants who have completed a survey about your service or product.

  • Sweepstakes

    As well as awarding participants with the code, you could organize a final sweepstakes to give away a second prize.

  • Photo contest

    Reward participation in a photo contest by offering users a redeemable code when they reach the final screen.

  • Video contest

    Reward participation in a video contest by offering users a redeemable code when they reach the final screen.

  • Writing-based contest

    Reward participation in a text-based contest by offering users a redeemable code when they reach the final screen.

  • Promotions group

    Create various promotions to give away different gifts or discounts, each with an associated code, and present them all on the same screen so users can choose which one they want.

  • Instant win

    Instant Win: assign a unique promotional code to the winner users of any of the Instant Win prizes

Complete features

  • Install as an application on your Facebook page
  • Embed in any website with Widgets
  • Responsive design, mobile-device compatible
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Collaborating system to manage the promotion More info
  • Full registration form customization
  • Export data and advanced statistics
  • Multiple sweepstakes among participants More info
  • Automatized sending of emails More info
  • Customize default platform labels and translations More info
  • Multi-language support More info
  • Support to upload up to 2 million codes in batches of 20,000
  • Creation of a codeset to easily manage the codes More info
  • Options for users to print the code, generate as PDF or send it by email
  • Show the promotional code in barcode format (EAN-13, Code 128, Code 39)
  • Show the promotional code in QR code format
  • Include the barcode or QR code in an automatic email sent to the user
  • Assign promotional codes by using the Instant Win system More info
  • Assign promotional codes only to users whose participation in the contest has been previously validated by the administrator
  • Show instructions on how to use the code
  • Insert external URL in the instructions for use of the code
  • Code Redemption portal: Allows to validate the promotional code or QR code directly at the point of sale and in real-time More info
  • Code Redemption Portal with unique URL
  • Customization of the Code Redemption Portal
  • Use My Networks Layer for users to share and follow on social networks
  • Synch with MailChimp lists in real time

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This Application is not available in Basic version


Premium $100 80 promotion

These Premium features are included:

  • Recommended for promotions with up to 10,000 entries.
  • Access to the Premium Design Template, with more customization options.
  • Platform to automate the sending of emails.
  • Full customization of the entry form.
  • Third-party integrations (Twitter, Instagram, MailChimp, GoogleAnalytics).
  • Advanced statistics.
  • Moderation of entries.
  • Premium Support.
White Label

White Label $250 250 promotion

The most complete version including all Premium functionalities, as well as:

  • Recommended for promotions with unlimited number of entries.
  • "Create your own promotion with Easypromos" is not displayed on any page of the promotion and the footer can be customized with your own brand.
  • No reference to the Easypromos brand when sharing the promotion.
  • You can create a single promotion in multiple languages.
  • You can use your own domain.
  • Developers: Use your own CSS styles, HTML and Javascript code.
  • Developers: Access to the API and Webhooks for real-time exporting of entries.
  • Recommended for large brands and agencies who want their own promotions platform.
  • Premium Support.

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Resources and help

Technical tutorial

If you have any technical questions about promotional codes, this tutorial will explain how to set them up.

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Here you’ll find plenty of support materials to help you begin creating your promotion with codes.


Additional information

Find out how codes can be verified at the point of sale via the Validation Portal.

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