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Dynamize events in Social Networks – they will help you to achieve more diffusion and a greater influence. The different features provided by Easypromos can be used both – before the event takes place – during the event – and once the event has ended. Below, we propose some ideas and explain how to put them in practice for your upcoming events, conferences and trade shows.

Before the event

1. Create a buzz as lead up to the event

To give you some ideas:

  • Raffle tickets to the event among your followers, with the aim of obtaining a database of people interested in attending.
  • Use the “recruiting system.” In this way you ensure that interested users send an invitation to their friends in order to participate (so it’s the participants themselves who provide contacts of other users who might be interested in attending the event).


2. Use the form as a method of registration

The administrator can create a completely customizable registration form that facilitates registration


3. Get in touch with possible attendees

Once you have information from the attendees, the tool will facilitate automation of the whole process, like sending thank-you emails, reminders, etc. via the Emails Platform.


Fun Event Ideas During the event

Event organisers should boost participation in the social networks during the celebration of the event, contributing to diffusion.
Here are some ways to promote an event:

  • Attendees can be encouraged to upload photos via a hashtag just before the presentations start. This method is usually used in events which have a photo wall so that attendees can share their attendance with their friends via social networks.
  • Attendees can also be encouraged to upload videos or writting quotes and/or comments during the presentations, sharing something of value about the content of said presentations. This means it will be the attendees themselves who help you disseminate the content.
  • Using Easypromos it is possible for users to participate from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can utilize all three in your campaign or just those that you find the most useful or that best fit the type of content that you wish to compile: photos, written quotes or videos.
  • Feed photo and written submissions to a live wall or screen projected carrousel to engage attendees throughout the event.

Event Promotion ideas for after the event

1. You will have content that has been generated by users

All the material that has been generated during the build up to the event, and during the event itself, and which has been uploaded by the attendees, can be collected with the aim of generating content in social networks, websites or blogs (once they have been collected by the platform).

You are going to have videos, written submissions and images which you can use to generate posts containing summaries of the presentations. The advantage here is that the users themselves have accepted the legal consent requirements, permitting you to use the material


2. You can use the database of participants

One of the most important aspects of the use of the tool is that once the event has been concluded, you are going to have a database of all those who have participated in one of the proposed campaigns. You can make use of all the data that you requested from participants in the registration form, providing you with a high-quality database ready for future events. Once the event has been concluded you can even send out emails, thanking users for attending the event.


3. You will get to know the opinion of the attendees

Using Easypromos you can carry out a satisfaction survey among attendees. To do this, you can use the questionnaire system. By way of a simple questionnaire you can obtain relevant information that will help you improve aspects for future editions.

For example: You can ask users to say which of the presentations they liked the most, or how they rated the organization. Or you can ask open questions to encourage users to make suggestions for future editions, etc.

Campaign supplied by Slammin MediaCampaigns supplied by Slammin Media.

In conclusion, Easypromos can also be used to dynamize and disseminate events, by applying its features before, during and after the event.



Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder