Tourism and Social Networks – 5 Examples of Online Promotions

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Tourism marketing has changed a great deal over the last few years. Among these changes we have seen a trend towards deseasonalization and diversification of supply, with the aim of increasing demand. To meet this challenge, online promotions play an important part in publicizing tourist destinations to potential customers. Below, we outline some successful examples that have been developed in this area.

The tourist industry offers a wider range of holidays than ever before, and is continually seeking out newly-emerging or potential niche consumer groups, such as:

  • Amusement and theme-park related tourism
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Rural tourism (gaining a lot of ground in recent years)
  • Adventure tourism (canoeing, cycling, climbing, skydiving, etc.)
  • Health or relaxation tourism
  • Gastronomic tourism
  • LGBT tourism
  • Sports tourism (golf, nautical, ski and winter tourism)

To this list we could add many alternatives which have arisen as a consequence of the drive towards diversification and whose objective is to attract tourism to specific destinations via a variety of methods.

The same thing happens with campaigns to promote tourism. Digital marketing and, above all, social networks are important channels in tourism marketing.

At Easypromos we see creative and successful actions every day – campaigns that are focused on promoting tourist destinations. We’d like to share some of these with you below.

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Classify and segment leads while sharing personalized messages

We all respond better to ads that are personalized to our likes and preferences, we’re all more likely to read an email that starts by saying “Hello…” followed by your name.

But email marketing is not the only way to share personalized messages with your audience. Here’s an example of TravelUp, a UK-based travel agency that launched a Personality Quiz with one main objective: to persuade their audience to book holidays.

Travelup personality quiz

Participants answered a series of questions about their traveling preferences. After submitting their responses each participant saw a personalized message with a recommendation for their next travel destination.

If you’re looking to increase sales and decide to launch a Personality Quiz, then sharing discount coupons would be a great idea. It would tap into customers’ loyalty and encourage them to book their vacation with you.

Collect user-generated content and promote tourist destinations

Video contests that permit users to upload videos they’ve created themselves are very popular. They offer the chance to combine both image and sound, and they elicit a high level of involvement from fans, increasing the overall brand engagement. Brand followers create their videos and share them across social media channels, automatically becoming new brand ambassadors. By submitting their entry they normally fill in a registration form and opt-in for emails meaning that they happily become subscribers to a hotel, or to a specific destination. In this contest, the proposal was for users to upload a video of their best experience in Seville.

otra sevilla

The main purpose of the Video Contest was to collect user-generated content and use it to promote Seville, as UGC is known as the most authentic content brands can share on social media; online communities prefer to see pictures and videos from real customers rather than standard promotional content.

Launch a Photo Contest to create buzz around tourist destinations

Just like Video Contests, Photo Contests are a fantastic way to collect user-generated content and engage online communities. And organizing photo competition around tourist destinations is always a great idea, simply because we all snap hundreds of pictures whenever we go away. Here’s an example of a Photo Contest organized to promote Guernsey, and to be exact summer in Guernsey.

summer in guarnsey

The owner of the picture with the highest number of votes walked away with £750 cash.

Enabling the voting option is a great choice if you’re looking to reach a wider audience. It encourages social media sharing, as participants ask family and friends for votes.

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Reinforce social media presence with Instagram Photo Contests

Social media is where your customers are. And that’s the reason why tourism marketing should also focus on social media channels.

The following example is of a Photo Contest organized by the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, whose objective, as well as promoting the destination, was to reinforce their social media presence. The brand turned to a Mention + Hashtag Contest.

Mention and Hashtag contest Dubrovnik

In order to participate, the Instagram users upload pictures of their visits to the Sun Gardens. In the description, they mentioned the @brandname and #brandhashtag. All entries were then displayed in a public gallery where the public code vote for their favorite submissions. The winner got to visit Dubrovnik for 5 nights!

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Social media giveaways to increase brand and product awareness

This example has been much talked about and given as an example by many digital marketing professionals and specialists in social networks, for its efficiency and virality, and because it has been repeated various times and is a landmark in promotions of this type. The airline company Vueling, using the Instant Win application, raffles 100 flights to their principal destinations with the aim of promoting them among their customers. The result has always been a success, in terms of the level of virality achieved and the element of fun provided, as well as in the increase in the number of fans and achievement of the set objective: promoting a service.

Watch the promotional video that was disseminated to create some buzz around Vueling Day.

Reward your customers for their creativity

Gran Canaria Tourism and Viajes Nautalia carried out a joint action to search for a slogan for their new campaign. They did so via a Writing Contest. The dynamic consisted of asking participants to propose a slogan that could form part of the “Gran Canaria Inspires Me” campaign. Thanks to this campaign Gran Canaria Tourism found a new slogan for the island. Another benefit of the campaign was that users included everything that drew attention to the island in their slogans, meaning that the slogans served as destination recommendations to other users.

writing-based contest traveling

The final winner was: “Gran Canaria, the island that enchanted time.”

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