MotoGP Grand Prix: 3 Promotion Ideas to Promote Your Brand

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The MotoGP World Championship brings the best motorcycle road racing to countries on all continents: from the Red Bull Argentina circuit, to the BWin Grand Prix in Spain, not forgetting the Red Bull Indianapolis in the USA and the Australian Grand Prix. This great event does not go unnoticed, and that is why in this post we suggest three ideas for how you can promote a Moto GP race with the aim of encouraging your followers to take part in a raffle for tickets to this great event. We give you three simple and practical options that will ensure your promotion is a great success.

3 ideas for viralizing and promoting a MotoGP Grand Prix race:

  1. Pool
  2. Sweepstakes
  3. Quiz

1. The best guess wins

Making predictions about competitors in a race is something that really appeals to the public, so the option of taking part in a betting pool is not something that customers usually want to miss out on. This means that it is one of the best ways of obtaining a high level of participation from your followers in contests related to MotoGP races.

Here’s an idea:

Suggest a list of the top drivers – those who are most likely to win the race – and invite participants to make their predictions. You can even prepare a sweepstake in which users choose which three pilots they think will reach the podium and order them in first, second and third place. Participants who guess correctly can be entered into a sweepstake to win a great prize – tickets or merchandising products. Users will directly access the pool to make their bets and you will be able to expand your database with the information that you ask them for upon registration. This sort of promotion will greatly boost the engagement and implication of your fans.

moto gp questions

2. Give away a good prize

An appealing prize will always attract the attention of the audience. In this case, the chance of attending a MotoGP race is a highly sought-after prize. Using a sweepstakes, you will be able to offer a prize that will make users want to participate. A raffle is one of the best tools to collect user data because to enter the raffle they first have to fill in the form which you can customize to collect the information you need.

Here’s an idea:

Raffling off tickets and products such as caps and t-shirts with the MotoGP logo is a sure-fire way of attracting participation. Once the period for participating in the promotion is over, the application will offer you a tool to select the winners at random and once the winners are found, it will also generate a certificate of validity to provide transparency to your promotion. A way to gain more participants and leads is to combine with the recruiters contest with which you assign additional participations to those who manage to recruit more friends: the more friends they mobilize, the more chances they’ll have of winning the prize.

sweepstake tickets

3. Knowledge takes the prize

An effective marketing campaign can provide users with entertainment as well as the chance of winning. For this reason we suggest you organize a quiz where you invite your customers to answer a series of questions, putting their knowledge of the world of professional motorcycling – specifically, MotoGP races – to the test.

Here’s an idea:

This option serves to challenge your followers with a series of questions that you can create and customize by employing various formats, such as open answers, multi-choice, order options or auto completes. You can challenge participants to order drivers from those who have won the least races to those who have won the most, or you can ask them questions about championships from other years, giving them several answers to choose from.

Those who have answered the whole quiz correctly will be entered into a sweepstake for tickets to see a race. If you also want to give away more prizes, you can send a discount coupon for your product or service to all participants, or to the finalists who have not won tickets. This way, your contest will offer more prizes and you will obtain a greater level of participation.

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