How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Giveaways on Social Media

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Thanksgiving: a time when many people pause, take stock of the year, and count their blessings. When it comes to social media marketing, the greatest gift you could receive is an active, engaged community online. So here are some ideas to give thanks to your followers with seasonal Thanksgiving giveaways.

The reason for the season

Thanksgiving has a complicated history, that covers a range of continents and cultures. Some believe the idea came from traditional European harvest festivals, where people gave thanks for a prosperous and happy year. Later, it was adapted for a new life in America, and the story of European settlers on the continent. There are many different versions of the story – and even different dates to celebrate Thanksgiving!

However, in modern times, Thanksgiving has become a festival about family. It’s an opportunity for people to gather together and give thanks for everything and everyone that they have. So Thanksgiving giveaways are a wonderful opportunity to give thanks for your followers, and make them feel part of your brand family. Let’s take a look at how your brand can join the holiday celebrations.

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Ideas for Thanksgiving giveaways on social media

In this article, we’ll focus on social media giveaways. Why? Well, firstly, because they’re quick and easy – and the holidays are a busy time. But social media is also a good choice, because it’s the main way that people relate to your brand. Instead of a distant sales pitch, this is your chance to make a real connection with your community online.

1. Thanksgiving giveaways with Facebook comments

Facebook is still the social network with the most number of users. However, it can be difficult to reach people through all the noise and distractions on their Newsfeed. Thanksgiving giveaways are a great way to get attention and improve engagement.

To make the contest fun – and follow Facebook rules – we recommend asking an open question. Here’s a sweet example from a gourmet baker. They asked their followers what they were thankful for!
Thanksgiving giveaways Facebook comments
Then everyone who commented had the chance to win a panful of traditional sweet biscuits for their Thanksgiving dinner. A Facebook comments contest like this is easy to run – and always popular with users.

2. Thanksgiving giveaways on Instagram

You can run a very similar contest on Instagram. Just take a gorgeous photo, and ask your followers an engaging question. However, Instagram is also more flexible than Facebook. So you can also run contests based on hashtags and mentions.

Here’s an example from a dog grooming salon. They decided to thank their loyal customers by giving away a free session for one lucky pet. To take part, they asked their followers to comment and tag their friends.
Thanksgiving giveaways Instagram

You can run photo contests on Instagram, too. With the latest Easypromos app, you can collect contact details and creative photos from your users.


 3. Support your favorite charities with Thanksgiving giveaways

You don’t have to give away luxury prizes for your Thanksgiving campaign. If you really want to get into the spirit of the holiday, then think about running a charity giveaway or collection.

Here’s a touching example from an electrical store. They decided to pay it forward by supporting Thanksgiving meals for homeless people. They asked a simple question: what do you love most about Thanksgiving? And every time one of their followers commented, they added three more meals to their donation.
Thanksgiving giveaways Facebook comments charity

Remember, your giveaway isn’t limited to a single prize! So if you want to share a charity drive like this, you could reward your generous followers with a quick discount code as well.


4. Unite communities with multi-network Thanksgiving giveaways

There are two fantastic reasons to run a multi-network giveaway on Thanksgiving. First of all, it’s a celebration of communities coming together. So it’s the perfect opportunity to unite your followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Here’s a thoughtful example from Inherit Clothing Company. They shared some beautiful stationery for thank-you notes with their followers on both Facebook and Instagram.
Multi-network Thanksgiving giveaways
Secondly, let’s not forget that Thanksgiving is a holiday. We know that it’s a busy time of year for retailers – but you deserve a day off, too!

When you organize a multi-network giveaway, you only need to create one contest and one prize for all your social networks. Then you can spend the time you’ve saved with your family, preparing a delicious Thanksgiving meal, or giving back to your local community. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is only the start of the holiday season. Get some quick ideas for your Black Friday sales, or visit our winter wonderland of Christmas inspiration.


Corinna Keefe

Content marketer at Easypromos

Publication date: 2015-11-27