Online Promotion Ideas for Cycling Teams and Races

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Cycling teams might sometimes struggle to come up with new and engaging promotions for their audiences, or ways to maintain a healthy relationship with their sponsors. The same problem is met by cycling race organizers. This is why today we bring you a whole lot of new and interesting ideas to promote your brand, obtain user-generated content, and entertain your online community!

We live in a time of constant change. The world is constantly evolving and so are all aspects of our lives. Technology, lifestyles, business… and marketing. The difficult and exciting part of the continuous change is to stay on top of it. This also applies to all kinds of sports, and the way sports teams are managed. And that includes professional cycling teams and race organizers. They have to keep up with their target market, and their changing needs and trends. Cycling clubs and events must provide for their fans what they want, but they also have to get something out of it. At the end of the day, that’s the ultimate goal of marketing and promotions. 

Here, at Easypromos we are interested in different types of sports and activities. We love to see new marketing campaigns organized by our favorite clubs and teams, especially when they turn out to be really good! And this is why today, we have decided to come up with a list of the best promotions organized by professional cycling clubs, and races. These promotions aimed to accomplish a variety of different marketing goals while entertaining and providing engaging content for their fans and followers. And you know what? They succeeded! 

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Capture leads and expand your cycling club’s mailing list

One of the constant marketing objectives of a sports team should be brand exposure. The more people know about you, the more chances for new sponsors, fans, and more support. So start spreading the news about your cycling team! Inform your audience about new events, tournaments, accomplishments, and athletes. But firstly, make sure your mailing list has enough people to make the newsletter worth the effort… Increase the number of your subscribers by organizing giveaways and contests! 

Giveaways for cycling teams

People are always more likely to subscribe to a newsletter if they get something out of it. Discounts, vouchers… or free registration and jerseys! In the example above, the sponsor of a cycling club gave its followers a chance to win. The only entry requirement was to fill in the registration form. Entry Form Giveaways are an easy way to capture leads. It takes just a few seconds for the participant to enter, and they won’t mind seeing some emails in their inbox if they’re participating in sweepstakes. This kind of giveaways can be organized by anyone! Use this type of promotions to expose your upcoming race, or promote a new athlete that just got signed to your team. 

Giveaways for cycling teams

Promotions that are easy to enter and don’t ask for too many actions, will always be more popular than promotions with many entry requirements. The example above obtained more than 1100 participants, and a team jersey was once again the main prize. This only proves that digital promotions can achieve a lot of success and accomplish your marketing objectives. And there is no need for big prizes! You can attract the attention of your online followers with the merchandise of your cycling club or free registration to your cycling race! Just imagine getting almost 1200 new leads with a simple giveaway!

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Responsive Entry Form Giveaways for your cycling teams and races

One of the most vital aspects of a successful digital promotion is its mobile responsive design. According to Tech Jury, in 2018 nearly 80% of internet usage was mobile. This is why mobile responsive promotions are so important, you don’t want to be missing out on possible leads and newsletter subscribers!

Giveaways for cycling teams

Trail2Challenge created a promotion aimed at mountain bikers and hikers. The promotion worked well on mobile devices, adapting the design to the screen size. The “enter” button was right at the top, and the questions in the registration form were visible and easy to answer. Have this example in mind when you start working on a new promotion design for your cycling team or race! Your audience is active, therefore they’re more likely to use their mobile phones, than desktops! 

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Photo and Video Contests inspired by cycling and bicycles

As a professional cycling club or team, or an organizer of a cycling race, you might want to gather user-generated content. It is the most valuable content you can obtain from your audience and it has a direct effect on your brand exposure. Why? Because it shows your existing customer relationships and customer bases. When you ask your audience to share their pictures and videos, they feel important and attached to your brand, and that’s great for your brand loyalty. Your customers are becoming ambassadors of your brand, and this is fantastic!

Giveaways for cycling teams and races

Therefore, ensure that you allot part of your marketing to user-generated content. But how to obtain it easily? Offer your audience a chance to win! Organize a Photo or Video Contest, and award the most creative pictures and videos. 

Your audience will be more motivated and happy to join if there is a good incentive involved. It will be even better if the incentive will be connected with your cycling club or race. A great piece of merchandise always works its magic! So ask the potential participants to share images and videos of their bicycles, their favorite cycling routes. And if the prize is a free race registration, why don’t you ask the participants to share pictures from their previous races?!

Contest apps can help you save a great amount of time as you won’t have to ask the participants to reuse the media content. Once the promotion is finished, you will be able to gather all the user-generated content and share it on your social media channels. Obviously, in order to share personal pictures and videos, you must obtain the owner’s permission. In this case, the participants grant this permission when they tick the Terms & Conditions box in the registration form of the Photo or Video Contest app. This way you don’t have to contact the entrants once the promotion finishes.

Giveaways for cycling teams and races

Discover how a successful Video Contest attracted more than 3600 students!

Social media exposure and brand awareness

We realize these giveaways might seem a little bit complex. This is why we have another idea for you: social media giveaways! If you’re looking to boost engagement on your social media channels, increase brand exposure or disseminate a cycling race – do it with sweepstakes!

Social media cycling giveaway

Here’s an example of a Twitter giveaway organized by UCI Cycling. The participants had to retweet the post, and comment on what was their favorite moment from the 2018 cycling season. Social media giveaways are great to increase online presence. They normally bring new followers, too!

If you’re planning to organize an Instagram or Facebook giveaway, we recommend that you base it on comments! Ask the participants to share their ideas, stories, or dreams in the comments section! They can also tag their best friends. Comment giveaways allow you to start real conversations with your audience, and that’s a great way to gain their loyalty and trust!

We hope that all these examples have given you some great ideas to promote your cycling club through digital promotions, and attract more attention and participants for your cycling event! Are you a bike shop owner? Don’t worry, we have something for you, too! You can now find out how to organize a social media giveaway for your bike shop!

Ready to prepare your own promotion? Create a free account with Easypromos, and in case of any questions, remember that our Support Team is waiting to help you with any doubts!

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