3 Ideas to use the “Build your team” app

Miquel Bonfill
Miquel Bonfill
Football and Basketball are popular sports with millions of fans and clubs worldwide and it’s no surprise that many businesses and brands collaborate with teams, sports clubs, or national and international leagues and tournaments. With this in mind, at Easypromos we have created the new “Build your team” app. This app will allow you to create a promotional action in which your clients or followers will be able to come up with their dream team, starting lineup, or all-star team, whether it be football, basketball, or any other sport.

Easypromos’ “Build your team” app is a simple dynamic to explain and understand. We all are familiar with the image of a sports pitch or court with the overlaid images of the players, typical on TV. Moreover, speculating on what the starting lineup of a team will be is a popular topic for discussion among fans and commentators for most team sports.

With the Easypromos’ “Build your team” app it’s possible to draw up a team’s lineup on a fully customized and shareable image. Challenge your friends and contacts to participate and come up with their lineup, each correct guess scores a point in the public participants’ ranking.

Take a look at these 3 ways to make the best of your “Build your team” promotions.

Create the lineup of one team

The most straightforward and quickest way to use the “Build your team” app, is to create a promotion asking participants to guess the starting lineup of their team for the next match.

The organizer can manage and customize all the elements regarding the looks and functionality of the promotion, namely:

  1. Choosing the sport. The system includes two preconfigured templates, one for football and another one for basketball. However, it is possible to create a template for any other sport.
  2. Using the players’ pictures provided that the organizer has permission to do so. Otherwise, a jersey template is available to customize with the team’s colors and players’ numbers. .
  3. Configuring the playing positions and number of players per position. E.g., in the case of football, there are four positions to configure: goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, and strikers. This feature is fully customizable. 
  4. Configuring the playing field. The organizer can upload the background image where the players will be positioned. E.g., a football pitch, basketball court, hockey rink, etc. Moreover, the sidelines can be customized to include sponsors’ imagery. 
  5. Choosing the playing modality. There are two participation modes: guessing the starting players and guessing the starting players and their positions. In the later case, participants score one point for guessing the player and one more for getting the position right as well.

The participation flow is quite straightforward. Once participants log in, a screen with the available players and positions will come up. The system will make sure that the total number of players selected and their position on the field is within the limits previously set by the organizer. Easypromos will then generate an image. The participant will then be able to move the players around to make the lineup more realistic. The participants can then download and share the final image of the team’s lineup on social media and messaging apps.

Build your team Starting lineup one team

Once the real starting lineup is made public, the organizer will update this information on the promotion editor and, depending on the participation mode, participants will receive the corresponding points for guessing the players and their positions on the playing field.

If you would like to challenge your followers and clients with a similar promotion, try our DEMO here. And if you like it, download the ready-made template to create a promotion for your brand.

Create two teams

The second participation mode is similar to the previous one, only with double stakes. This time, participants have to come up with the lineups of the two opposing teams.

From the control panel, the organizer creates two teams and the user will have to come up with the lineups of both the home and the visiting teams. The final score will take into account the players for both teams.

Since there will be more players to show on the playing field, the images of the players, or jerseys, will be shown in a smaller size. The final image will look like this:

build your team app examples

Create a winners’ podium

Using the “Build your team” app, you can create promotions like the following:

  • Who will make it to the podium of a cycling race?
  • What will be the starting grid of the next F1 race?
  • Which teams will play the World Cup final?

Try this Qatar 2020 Create your team DEMO and if you like it download the ready-made template to create your own.

The general idea is as follows:

  1. The organizer creates a list of potential winners in the same way as in the case of a sports team and uploads the images of the potential winners. These images could be an athlete’s picture, a driver’s helmet, or a national team’s flag.
  2. Once all the candidates have been uploaded, it’s time to configure the positions. This can include a podium with first, second, and third places, or gold, silver, and bronze medals. In the case of a starting grid for a race, the organizer has to create as many starting slots as pilots in the race.
  3. The third step consists of uploading the background image corresponding to the sport or competition. Creativity plays an important role at this point. The objective is to create a final image that is appealing and well branded. Thus, increasing brand awareness and visibility when the participants share the final image.

A key issue to keep in mind in this configuration is to set the position in the background image where the candidates chosen by the user will be shown, and to not allow the users to manually position their candidates. In short, when the user selects a candidate for a given position, the system will automatically place it in the slot previously set by the organizer.

winners' podium example

We hope you find these examples of our “Build your team” app useful and motivating to create a promotion of your own. If you have any questions, you can contact the Easypromos support team, we will be happy to help. You can also contact our commercial team to try a DEMO live or to get advice, recommendations, and best practices.

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