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Successful Video Contest Helps Connect Companies And Sales Talent

Publication date: 25/06/2018

Discover with this success case how the Easypromos platform helps enable a thriving high-profile talent contest meet rigorous demands and provide smooth reliable outcomes. Also see how this national talent competition continues to break new records year to year with increases in registration and sponsors. This energetic and successful competition incorporates thousands of video presentations uploaded directly via countless mobile devices across Canada. Video presentations along with registration information are captured in the campaign database giving administrators control of the publicly displayed gallery profiles vs private and confidential data. Friends and family can vote for their favorite entries and with a powerful integration all data is passed via the Easypromos API to a 3rd party CRM where a complex judging panel examines participants as well as auto-populates a Career Hub interface where students and employers meet.

Ways To Restrict Contest Participants By Their Location

Publication date: 11/04/2018

Contests and Sweepstakes are a proven and enjoyable way to build and reward your following whether you are catering to an international, national or local audience. With all the benefits that come with social media sharing, it only makes sense to conduct these campaigns online where exposure can be amplified.
In this fashion, people from anywhere in the world can enter your contest if you don’t have the right controls in place. This can lead to embarrassment, headaches and extra costs when it comes time to pick your winners and fulfill your prizes. This article discusses how you can avoid these types pitfalls and how to tighten up your entry requirements.

STAR Combined Educational Quiz and Instant Win Prizes All in One With Terrific Success!

Publication date: 13/04/2017

With this campaign we’ll show you how Borges USA – STAR Fine Foods gets creative with calendar-based, themed events to drive timely interest, education and engagement with over 80 prizes and 17,000 participants in a promotion that combines a Quiz with Instant Win opportunities. Plus, we will expose some of the amazing features of the Easypromos platform highly sought after by brands like STAR.

A Multi-Lingual Photo Contest helped reach young people all over North America

Publication date: 06/02/2017

A photo contest is a great way to engage your target audience and collect user-generated content that can later be used in offline actions. And with the multi-lingual tool you can reach users in different languages at the same time and only manage the one promotion. That was the most important issue for CEC – Commission for Environmental Cooperation. They needed to create the photo contest so that users from both Canada, Mexico and the United States could participate easily in their own language. The CEC had run another photo contest before but manually with participations via email, but using Easypromos’ Photo Contest app saved them a lot of work and time.

3 Facebook Sweepstakes that Bring On Engagement

Publication date: 04/07/2016

Giveaways on Facebook are a great way to gain exposure and grow your business on social. In this post we’ll show you 3 ways to massively engage your audience without having to invest equally massive amounts of money.

How to Give Away Promotional Codes for Customer Loyalty

Publication date: 11/08/2014

This is a success case that reveals how an online campaign generated new customers at the same time as rewarding existing customers. Through customer loyalty rewards this brand demonstrates how they created ambassadors to help spread the promotion including their product to a wider audience. Learn how they did it and learn about the benefits.