Black Friday Promotion Ideas for 2023

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
Black Friday: the biggest day of the year for Western retailers. Shoppers are ready to spend and save with holiday deals and big-ticket discounts. So how can you make your brand stand out and what can you do to boost sales? Read our promotion ideas for Black Friday and learn how to boost engagement, customer loyalty and most importantly sales!

November and December are very busy months for marketers. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas always bring a lot of work for brands looking to differentiate from their competitors. This task becomes more difficult as every year there are more and more brands putting their bets on holiday marketing. But the good news is that today we share with you ideas for a comprehensive strategy for your Black Friday promotions. Read on to discover Black Friday promotion ideas for 2023 and find out how to boost brand engagement, collect sales leads, and most importantly boost sales this Black Friday!

Black Friday promotion ideas: social media giveaways

You can tap into the Holiday Season excitement and anticipation with a Black Friday social media giveaway promotion. Take this chance to promote your products and spread the news about your fantastic Black Friday offers. Run a quick and easy social media giveaways to boost engagement and reconnect with your social media followers. Remember, there’s no easier promotion than a social media sweepstakes! Take a look at this promotion from Bismarck Motor company. The brand collaborated with a shopping mall in an attempt to promote both businesses. Their Instagram Giveaway generated buzz and engagement, and both brands got to significantly grow their following, as participants followed the organizing brands and commented on the post.

Black friday social media

Looking for a quick fix? Try our free, instant templates for Black Friday giveaways on Instagram and Facebook. Just fill in your brand name, prize details, and promotion dates!

Let customers know that you’ll be ready with a full range of products, services, discounts, and deals to make the most of your Black Friday campaign. Don’t forget to announce your Black Friday promotions in-store and online. More and more consumers now use their mobiles or home devices to look for Black Friday discounts and deals. Don’t let them down and launch a Facebook Giveaway to celebrate with your audience, just the way did!

Black friday marketing idea boosted their social media engagement with this super easy Black Friday marketing idea, where they raffled an exclusive holiday for two. Users only had to comment on the post and answer a simple question: “Our Black Friday deals can be booked with a… % deposit”. They also mentioned who they’d take with them on the exotic trip. This easy action tapped into customer loyalty and strengthened customer relationships.

Black Friday promotion ideas to boost sales: digital prize wheel

Interactivity is now an important aspect of marketing. Make sure you step your game up and gamify your strategy right in time for Black Friday. Why don’t you entertain and engage your audience with a Black Friday game? Branded mini-games have proven to be highly effective marketing tools that not only generate engagement but also attract and retain customers.

Spin the Wheel

You probably know by now that everyone loves discounts. Deals and bargains can help you reach all the customers interested in your brand and products. But apart from attracting new customers, they also encourage your existing clients to come back. And as Black Friday is the time when everyone is on the lookout for special offers, it also happens to be the perfect time to distribute discount codes and vouchers.

Stand out from the crowd and share discounts with an interactive Spin the Wheel promotion. Share the game on your social media channels to convert followers, or embed it on your website to turn visitors into qualified leads.

Black Friday promotions Spin the wheel

Did you know that you fully customize Spin the Wheel promotions? Simply upload your logo, edit the texts and adjust the colors to expose your audience to your corporate image.

TravelUp already put their bets on a branded prize wheel. This Black Friday marketing idea turned out to be successful for the British travel agency, They engaged their audience and converted followers into potential paying customers by raffling discount vouchers for flights and holidays packages. Vouchers and discount coupons might well be one of the most popular rewards to give away with Prize Wheels. However, managing and redeeming them is the cornerstone of a successful promotion. Keep on reading as in the next paragraph we will delve into precisely that!

black friday marketing ideas: spin the wheel promotion

Distribute digital coupons that can only be redeemed on Black Friday

Black Friday is a one-day campaign focused on drawing traffic to stores and shopping centers, and boosting sales. Needless to say, the competition is fierce. So how can you stand out from the competition and make sure customers not only visit your shop, but also make a purchase? The answer is simple, and with Easypromos, easy to plan, execute, and manage. Distribute digital coupon codes with too-good-to-miss discounts to reel customers in and nudging them into making the purchase.

Black Friday Digital Coupons DEMO

Users simply have to register to the promotion -and don’t forget that you can customize the registration form to collect the data your’e interested in for your future campaigns- and upon completing the registration they will receive a digital coupon code. Nothing new until here, you might think, but here’s the catch: You can configure the coupon code to display a real-time countdown timer that will tell users how much time they have left to redeem the coupon. An there’s more, the timer can be configured to start counting down from the moment a user registers, or to count down to a specific time, e.g, Black Friday at 11:59 pm.

Boost sales for multiple businesses with a Black Friday Digital Coupon Book

If you need to promote several businesses, a sopping mall, or a business association in a single promotion, a Digital Coupon Book is the ideal solution. This Easypromos app allows you to create a coupon directory and group coupons by category. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, coupons can be configure so that they can only be redeemed on Black Friday. Thus, attracting foot traffic and incentivizing sales for that specific day.

Digital Coupon Book

Black Friday promotion ideas: Convert followers and web visitors into leads with an Entry Form Giveaway

Would you like to launch a giveaway for your social media followers or website visitors? Would you like to expand your mailing list at the same time? Here’s how to do it!

Creating a simple Entry Form Giveaway to collect participants’ contact details is one of the most popular Black Friday promotion ideas. You can customize the registration form so that you can collect all the details that you need. Then you can offer exclusive Black Friday promotions as a reward for signing up. You’ll be able to share the promotion link across your social media, website, and in-store publicity. Spreading the news is a very important aspect of Black Friday marketing! Take a look at this great example from Eastwood.

Black Friday entry form giveaway

The brand launched a giveaway with an integrated registration form. In order to convert website visitors into qualified leads, they added a giveaway promoting banner to their home page. Upon clicking, the users were redirected to the giveaway microsite where they shared their contact details for a chance to win. We always say that incentives are what attracts users to online promotions. Eastwood raffled a variety of different prizes of a total value of $10,000! Now, that’s a great Black Friday giveaway!

Black Friday promotions ideas: Draw foot traffic with a digital Scratch & Win

If you are thinking about running a promotion that offers the possibility of winning an instant prize with a twist of fun and excitement at the point of sale itself, our Scratch & Win app might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Take a look at this Black Friday promotion that was organized by El Boulevard shopping center in Spain. In order to attract visitors and incentivize sales for their Black Friday campaign, the shopping mall launched a Scratch & Win promotion for customers who had spent a minimum of €20 in one or more purchases. The promotion required users to upload a photo of their purchase receipts to validate their participation.

Black Friday Digital Scratch & Win

Boost brand engagement with a Black Friday Multi-Game

Do you like the idea of fostering customer loyalty and providing an excellent user experience with a Black Friday promotion? We have some great news because it’s all within your reach with one multi-stage promotion.

Spice up your content with a Multi-Game – a promotion with multiple games. You can create an excitement-boosting Black Friday countdown with daily giveaways, or you can run a Black Friday weekend promotion, all the way until Cyber Monday! What do you get from such an action? Daily participation boosts brand engagement and retains users, you attract new customers and convert them into leads, you generate buzz around your brand and most importantly you drive traffic to your business by distributing discount codes and voucher. Awesome, right?!

black friday marketing ideas: spin the wheel promotion

At the end of each day, you can raffle a prize among all participants who entered your Black Friday promotion on that day or reward the best player in the ranking. You can even create an exciting final giveaway for all the users who participated in any of the games

Learn more about how to increase foot traffic and sales at your brick-and-mortar shops with redeemable prizes and make the most of Black Friday 2023

When the excitement of Black Friday is over, don’t forget to follow up with old and new customers. Send personalized emails to thank them for shopping with you. Make sure you stay in touch to share more promotions throughout the year – and bring them back for Black Friday promotions in 2024.

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