How to make a Spin Wheel online

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Participating in a giveaway is always exciting, especially when it’s not your knowledge determining whether you’re the winner. Fate is the most appealing part of any type of roulettes. Do you want to create a branded prize wheel to distribute discount codes and other prizes among your online community? Today, we explain how easy it is with the new Easypromos app.

Why create a branded spin wheel online?

Gamification has consolidated as a marketing trend, and it turns out to be a great tool to attract new customers and motivate them to participate in your campaigns over, and over again. Take advantage of the excitement that comes with gaming, and organize a branded prize wheel with our Spin the Wheel app. With the thrill created with the new branded mini-games, you can achieve a variety of different goals and marketing objectives, for example:

  • Brand exposure: showcase your branding colors, logos, and products. It will reinforce your brand and product awareness and exposure
  • Increased brand engagement: interacting with a branded game means interacting with a brand. Appealing prizes attract wider audiences, therefore brand engagement gets reinforced while customer loyalty and trust also improve.
  • New leads: in order to participate in your Spin the Wheel promotion users leave their contact details. You can customize the registration form to collect all the information you need for your database. 

Are you wondering how to make a spin wheel online but you’re unsure how it can help your business? Try our Spin the Wheel DEMO to discover the real user experience!

Here’s a quick video to show you how to make a spin wheel online to obtain new leads and distribute codes and vouchers.

What are the characteristics of the Spin the Wheel app?

The branded Spin the Wheel app by Easypromos allows you to share prizes, coupons and discounts with registered participants. As the organizer of the promotion you can:

  • Create up to 30 different prizes
  • Decide how to distribute prizes. There are two different ways to assign incentives in Spin the Wheel promotions and you can combine them, too!
  • Decide whether the users can participate multiple times.
  • Personalize the prize wheel with your logo and branding colors.
  • Embed the wheel on your website, blog, or e-commerce site.
  • Launch customer exclusive promotions, asking users for a code or ticket to participate.

The Spin the Wheel app comes with audio and visual effects that add to the overall user experience. The application also allows you to embed the promotion into your blog or website, as a microsite or pop-up.


Would you like to see how to make a spin wheel online with examples from other brands? Visit our blog post, full of real examples of Spin the Wheel promotions.

Spin the Wheel on Instagram and Facebook

Branded mini-games can generate a lot of social media interactions. If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, it is highly recommended to share the link on your Facebook and Instagram profiles! It’s a great tactic to convert social media followers into leads and drive traffic to your website or blog if the promotion is embedded. 

Sharing the link on Facebook is very easy, as you can do it in the form of a standard post. However, many brands wonder how to introduce the branded prize wheel on Instagram to capture new participants. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create your branded prize wheel and copy the link.
  2. Add a new Instagram story introducing the wheel to your followers and add the link redirecting the story viewers to your online roulette.
  3. You can publish a new post explaining the promotion and add the link to your bio. 
  4. Try promoted posts, as they allow you to include a direct link to the microsite of your branded prize wheel.

Tip from Easypromos: Use to add direct links to your Instagram posts.

How to display and redeem your Spin the Wheel promotion prizes

You can give away all kinds of prizes with your Spin the Wheel promotion: promotional codes, samples, free products, experiences… What’s important is to know how these prizes are presented once a user has won and how they can be redeemed.

After the user spins the wheel, a pop-up will come up displaying information about the prize won or showing a ‘No prize’. In the event of winning a prize, the user has several options to redeem it.

  • If the prize is a discount or promotional code, the user will either see the code in the same window or receive it via email. In this case, the user will need to enter the code on the website during the purchase process to apply the discount.
  • If the prize is provided by the brand, the user must claim it and provide their contact information to the store so the prize can be delivered.
  • If the prize needs to be collected at the store, the user will see on the screen how to redeem the prize and the time left to do so. With this information, the user proceeds to the prize collection point and manages everything in the store from their own mobile device.
  • Another validation option at the store is to show the QR code displayed in the promotion window, and the store staff will scan it to validate it and hand out the prize.
Prize Redemption for a Spin the Wheel promotion

This kind of promotional action often takes place in the physical store itself, allowing the prize to be delivered instantly. Each participant can play from their mobile device and redeem the prize with the store staff through the redemption screen that comes up. For more information, check out this article on how to increase foot traffic with direct redeemable prizes.

Try this Spin the Wheel demo in which prizes are redeemed through the participant’s own mobile phone.

How to make a spin wheel online with Easypromos?

Creating branded games with Easypromos doesn’t require programming skills. To make the task even easier we prepare customizable ready-to-use templates that you can personalize with your own images and text. In case of any doubts, our Support Team is always ready to answer all your questions through our Online Chat.

Easypromos apps also make it easy to add your brand’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to all promotions. You can also download all information obtained from your participants and send it directly to your CRM, webhooks or Zapier. There’s an option to download the database in Excel format.

Once you choose to create your own branded prize wheel, decide exactly how many and what kind of prizes you want to give away, and also if every person is a winner. Participants will first sign in with the registration form and then play. If not everyone will receive a prize, enable the ‘no prize’ segment. Check here how to set up a prize wheel.

Remember, it’s completely free to create a draft version of your own branded prize wheel. You can configure it and decide if it’s something that you need for your campaign. The platform will not ask for any payment unless you wish to activate the promotion. Create your free account now!

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