How to use Digital Apps to Promote a Sports Bar

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
Do you want to attract clients to your bar on game day? Do you manage a hotel and want to draw clients to your bar? If you run a business where sports fans get together to watch matches, this article is for you. Digital promotions are a great bet to increase the inflow of clients to your establishment. In this article, we will go over several ideas for raffles, games, and prize wheels to give away drinks or prizes among your clients.

Did you know you can promote your Sports Bar using digital apps and online promotions? Watching the game is not the only reason why sports fans get together at a venue. Sharing the moment with others, living the joys and sorrows of being fans of a team, and sharing a drink with friends are essential parts of the whole experience.

Ideas to promote a sports bar

Drawing clients into a Sports Bar is no easy feat these days, but there are ways to do it if you use the right tools. Integrating online promotions with the offline experience is fundamental for your business’ success. Keep on reading and discover 5 promotion dynamics that you can create with Easypromos to draw more customers into your bar and increase loyalty. 

Instagram or Twitter giveaways to promote your Sports Bar on Game Day

Social Media has become the main tool to attract customers as they allow sharing any kind of information for free. Use your business’ social network accounts to bring people into your bar and turn them into loyal customers. You can achieve this by organizing weekly giveaways on game days. You could also offer a drink on the house to users that guess the final score of the game on a comment on the post. Here’s an example of a giveaway in s Sports Bar.

Twitter giveaway to promote a Sports Bar

Another option is to carry out a giveaway among the users that mention your establishment on an Instagram Story. A requirement might be to upload a photo of themselves watching the game in your bar, or a picture of the snacks they ordered to watch the game. With Easypromos you can now run fully automated giveaways on Instagram Stories among the users that mention your Instagram account on their stories. You could offer discounts or free meals as a prize.

Entry Form Giveaways to draw more clients into your bar

Entry forms giveaways are other kinds of giveaways that can be shared through social media and messaging apps to promote your sports bar. Offering prizes such as free meals or drinks to people who register for the giveaway will help you draw customers to your bar. Furthermore, you will be able to gather the participants’ contact details and keep them updated on future events and promotions. People will always be more willing to participate and share their contact details if there is the possibility of winning a prize. Here’s an example of an Entry Form Giveaway organized by a Sushi Bar.

Entry form giveaway to promote a Sports Bar

Want to learn more about how an entry form giveaway works? Give this DEMO a try and if you like it, download the template to create your own giveaway in no time.

Online games to entertain your audience and build customer loyalty

Let’s move on to other promotional dynamics that will entertain your clientele as well as attract new customers into your sports bar. We’re talking about creating online games offering a prize or the chance to enter a giveaway.

With Easypromos you can easily create games such as puzzles or word search. All you have to do is sign up to our platform, choose the game you want to create, and configure it with the images and texts you want to include. For example, you could create a puzzle with an image of a beer and reward the users that solve it in the shortest time possible or do a prize draw among the users that solve it within a certain time.

Online puzzle to promote a Sports Bar

You can also come up with a digital Scratch & Win (scratch card) to reward customers. Distribute participation codes among your patrons or display QR codes around the bar. Every time customers order a drink they receive a promotional code with it, they can then scan the QR code with their smartphones and introduce the code to access the digital scratch card and find out then and there if they have won a prize. Take a look at this example of an online Scratch & Win promotion.

Display promotional QR codes in hotel rooms to reward customers in the bar

Digital promotions can also be useful for channeling customers’ attention to a specific place or activity. In the case of hotels, promotional codes can be useful to prompt guests to go to the bar whenever a sports event or competition is taking place.

As an example, a promotional QR code could be displayed in the hotel’s rooms which can then be scanned by the guests to get information about upcoming matches or sporting events that can be watched at the bar. Additionally, the promotion could include a code that would later be redeemed for a drink at the bar. This dynamic will motivate guests to visit the hotel bar and other facilities.

Weekly discount Prize Wheel to attract customers to your bar.

In our last example, we propose organizing a digital Prize Wheel to give away merchandising or discounts at your bar. Take advantage of the excitement of game day and sporting events to give your bar more visibility. Set up a weekly Prize Wheel and give your patrons a chance to spin it while they are watching the game or during half-time.

If you want to see an example or configure a prize wheel yourself, just check out how easy we make it for you with our pre-configured Prize Wheel templates

We hope you find these ideas useful to promote your bar and bring in more customers. If you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat. We will be happy to help.