Easter Competition Ideas for 2023

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Easter is sometimes overlooked in marketers' busy calendars. But it's a fresh, family-friendly holiday with potential for creative and interactive promotions and online content. Here are six ideas to get you started - with free promotion templates and design resources.

Social media giveaways, mini-branded games, or maybe photo competitions… Let’s see what ideas for Easter promotions will work best for your brand and its objectives.

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Prize Calendar: interactive gamified countdown to Easter

Interactive calendars have been gaining traction over the past few years, especially Advent Calendars. Online communities respond to them incredibly well and so many brands have now incorporated interactive calendars into their marketing strategies. Easter Calendar is the newest Easter competition idea for engaging online audiences over a longer period of time.

Invite your followers to count the days down left until Easter! Encourage them to come back daily to win new attractive prizes.

easter promotion idea

Take a look at the above example to see how the dynamic works. In this case, we prepared an Easter Calendar with four participation stages with four different games, each corresponding to a different day prior to the Easter Sunday. Over four days, users come back to participate in a new promotion stage every day and score points that will determine their position in the overall ranking. You can award prizes depending on the players’ positions in the ranking, run a random prize draw among all participants daily, or enter all registered users into a random prize draw.

Interested in launching an interactive countdown for your brand? Try our Easter Calendar DEMO and see our ready-made template.

Creative Easter Contests to collect user-generated content

Like every great festival, Easter has its own, instantly recognizable, visual style. Eggs, bunnies, baby chicks, flowers, baskets, chocolates… And that makes it the perfect occasion for a themed Photo Contest. Family events such as Easter encourage people to take even more shots at family gatherings or during Easter preparations. Offer your audience a chance to win a prize and in return ask them for their festive shots. Remember, the incentive is the best motivator to join a promotion! Offer your customers chocolate boxes, Easter decorations, or even small getaways. Looking to increase brand awareness and reinforce product promotion? Offer one of your products as the main prize!

photo contest for easter

User-generated content is the best-quality content to share on your social media channels if you’re looking to encourage customer loyalty and brand trust. Pictures, videos, and texts produced by your audience give more authenticity to your brand and your potential customers might be more likely to convert when reading and watching content shared by your existing client base. Bear in mind that UGC doesn’t have to be limited to photos, it can also be videos, texts, or any other format created by the user. And it gets even better, if you want to include more than one format in your contest, you can do so with the Voting Contest app and include photo, video, or text entries in a single contest! Take a look at this successful case of a photo contest to get a better idea.

As well as the fun of joining in, contests bring plenty of benefits for your brand. When people sign up and share their photos, you can collect contact details for sales leads, as they fill in registration forms in order to submit their entries.

Creative Easter competition: Decorate your Easter eggs

Finally, here’s one more way to bring traditional Easter egg decorating fun online: with our Easter Scenes app.

Instead of running a standard photo contest, give your followers the tools to let their creativity unfold. Use our Scenes app to ask your online community to decorate their Easter eggs. Simply use the stickers provided in our app, or upload your own branded stickers to increase brand awareness and visibility.

Easter promotion ideas, DEMO Scenes

By launching your own Easter Scenes promotion you will not only entertain and engage your audience. You get to collect user-generated content and contact details that you can then use for future marketing campaigns. Encourage users to also share their decorated Easter eggs on their social media pages; this will attract the attention of other potential users. Motivate more people to join your promotion by offering a special prize to the entry that collects the highest number of votes.

Easter promotion ideas, Scenes app by Easypromos, Decorate your Easter egg

Try our Easter Scenes DEMO and if you decide to create your own promotion use our ready-made template for Easter egg decorations to get you started just in a few minutes!

Easter competition and contest ideas: branded games and puzzles to boost engagement

There are lots of traditional Easter games and kids’ activities, from the traditional egg hunt to Morris dancing or reading stories on the White House lawn. You can play along too, but obviously with online branded mini-games!

Here’s an example of a Memory game that you can create as part of your Easter campaign. The users have the task of finding matching pairs of decorated Paschal eggs.

What’s so good about this game? Your users get entertained while they’re also getting a chance to win! Motivate participation by giving your audience a chance to win one of your products or services. To encourage even more users to participate you can distribute discount codes to all registered users.

Easter promotion idea, branded Memory game

Play our Memory game for Easter and use the ready-made template if you want to launch a similar promotion for your followers.

Do you remember the classic Minesweeper game on your first computer? How about launching a branded “Eggsweeper” instead? You must take a look at the Easypromos Easter Minesweeper!

Easter Minesweeper by easypromos

This branded version of the classic Windows game is a fun way to engage your audience – and bring back some childhood memories! Ask participants to uncover all squares without smashing any eggs and reward the fastest participant, or draw a random winner from among all registered participants. Whichever option you choose, you will surely generate engagement!

Our favorite Easter ideas for Easter promotions: Online Easter egg hunts

The Easter egg hunt is a classic game. And it works anywhere: you can set up an Easter egg hunt at home, at school, or in the office.

And even… online. This is one of our favorite ideas for Easter promotions. We like the idea so much that we have created an Easter egg hunt game!

Ideas for Easter promotions, Easter egg hunt game online

You can now hold an Easter egg hunt fully online. Give your audience some entertainment with the use of interactive content. This will guarantee increased brand awareness and extra exposure. Gamification is currently the hottest trend of digital marketing, therefore make sure you make use of it.

Ideas for Easter promotions, online Easter egg hunt, mobile view

Motivate your audience to join your promotion by offering incentives, and use the entry form to collect new leads for future marketing purposes.

Find out more about the online Easter egg hunt and if you like the idea of launching your own Easter egg hunt online you can use our ready-made template to save some time.

Another way to launch an online egg hunt would be to use our Reveal & Win app which works similarly to treasure chests games. Users click on a number of elements to see if there’s a hidden prize.

Reveal & Win easter egg hunt example

Generate engagement and test your customers’ knowledge with an Easter Timed Quiz

We all enjoy quizzes, and especially when there’s a time limit for each question – the rivalry goes through the roof! Wouldn’t it be great to generate some of that excitement for your brand? It’s now possible with the Easter Timed Quiz app! Use our ready-made template to create a quiz about Easter traditions around the world.

Easypromos timed quiz for easter

In the above example, you can see how it’s displayed on a mobile device. Users see a question with the possible answers – only one of them is correct! The Timed Quiz game can come as a Pop-Up, Sudden Death, or Multi-Round quiz – you decide how much you want the participants to interact with your brand!

Thank users for their participation by rewarding the fastest participant, or organize a prize draw among those that answered all the questions correctly.

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