Marketing Strategies on Facebook: 10 Tips to Boost your Brand and Page

Home to over 2.7 billion monthly active users, and 1.5 billion daily active users, Facebook continues to reign as the world’s leading social media platform. Discover the 10 tips for your marketing strategy on Facebook that you should always have in mind.

From a marketing standpoint, one can only imagine the vast influence achievable via Facebook in terms of customer engagements and relations, brand visibility, e-commerce, and much more. That said, how can your business capitalize on such opportunities? Definitely by devising proven marketing strategies on Facebook. For beginners who want to build a lucrative social brand, it might be a daunting task considering you have to learn multiple things including how to increase likes on Facebook, running Facebook giveaways, or adding a page Call-To-Action (CTA) button. Nevertheless, we genuinely believe that you can’t be alive in the business world without a proper Facebook business strategy. So let us walk you through 10 useful Facebook marketing ideas that are available to your advantage. 

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Host a Facebook Contest

Running Facebook sweepstakes or contests is a smart tactic of accruing more likes, increasing fans, and overall brand visibility. Did you know that you can host a giveaway directly on Facebook? You can launch a promotion in which users participate by either liking or leaving a comment on the giveaway post. However, you will then need an app like our free Facebook giveaway app, that will not only select a random winner in an automatic way but it’ll also generate trust and loyalty as the winner selection process will be fully transparent.

Add an Effective CTA Button

Since 2014, Facebook Pages can include a CTA button just below the cover photo, which basically allows businesses to indicate which action they want their fans to take. There is a myriad of button options to choose from, including Book Now, View Gift Card, Contact Us, Send Message, or Sign Up among others. Depending on your conversion goals, you can link these buttons to multiple things like a contact form or a landing page on your website. 

Make the Most out of Publishing Content

While Facebook is a great free marketing tool for businesses, don’t stick to publishing just a single type of content (product and service offers). You want your business to give a better sense of character and personality. Loosen the tie a bit and mix the content up with user-generated content, links, images, funny videos – anything that is connected to your business and that your audience can resonate most with. 

Post Videos

Video content is another significant Facebook marketing plan that boosts engagement. To illustrate, an estimated 8 billion video views per day take place on Facebook alone, and the app is making sweeping changes on how its algorithm measures users’ interest in video content. This means that videos will most likely dominate users’ news feeds, or even appear first. In comparison to photo- or article-based content, videos have 135% greater reach. This is primarily because they can easily capture people’s attention and are more entertaining than reading a 1000+ word article on a product.

Promote your Business Page with Ads

While organic posts are a proven way of engaging users, they are not the only way. Furthermore, Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes friend and family-based content over branded content; this means that not every post, regardless of its outstanding imagery and wording, will reach your fans’ feeds. Paid Facebook Ads, however, will give your content a little boost and help you extend your reach. Not only are the Ads an effective Facebook marketing technique, but also extremely cheap when compared to other platforms such as Google Adwords.


Gamification is a new marketing trend that has exploded across the internet. As a brand, create a mini-game, like a prize wheel, with the aim of creating the excitement that comes with gaming and potentially attracting new customers. You can organize a branded prize wheel for Facebook using our Spin the wheel app, and achieve multiple branding objectives including exposure, increased brand engagement, and new leads.

Promote your Page via your Website

Considering that consumers are increasingly using the internet to search for various products and services, you can leverage your active website in a way that converts web users into Page fans and potential consumers. To achieve this, include a Facebook follow button on the website or blog, through which your audience can connect with you on Facebook. Alternatively, you can use a Page plugin that will promote your Facebook page by embedding it on your website.

Reply Often to Comment Threads

The comment section on your Facebook posts allows for your business to connect with consumers on a personal level and develop a strong connection. Show that your brand cares by leaving a thank you note for consumers whose comments are positive or encourage consumers to contact you via Facebook messenger if they have something to complain about.

Consider utilizing other Facebook Tools

Beyond posts and comments, there are multiple additional ways that your page can increase engagement. One way, for instance, is to join Facebook groups that are connected to your products or services. Doing so will help you expand your influence, form potential partnerships, and reach prospective clients.

Another way is setting up an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Facebook chatbot. In simple terms, a chatbot is an automated response tool that is always there to immediately respond to an interested customer. If you are not always available to respond to your customers through the Facebook Messenger platform, and potentially losing them to another brand, consider automating your response system. 

With all that said, don’t be too overwhelmed! Choose a combination of Facebook business strategies that will best work for you and help you stand out in a sea of millions of businesses on Facebook. With these marketing strategies on Facebook, and Facebook’s tools that cater to a marketer, you can form an authentic, long-lasting relationship with your audience, and stretch the limits of your brand. Make the most of them!