How to Create a Branded Puzzle Game Online

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
In this post, we look at the advantages of incorporating mini-games into your marketing campaign. If you believe that your audience likes challenges and games, then read on and find out how and why create a branded Puzzle with Easypromos, without any programming skills.

Don’t wait any longer, create a branded Puzzle game for your company! Customize it with your logo and corporate image to better promote your brand and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media page, or email it with your newsletter. And then sit back and watch it go viral, leaving your audience engaged, entertained, and informed about your company and products.

So let’s get to work!

But let us start with a short video where we show you how easy and quick it is to set up your own branded Puzzle!

Why create an online branded Puzzle

Online branded mini-games are very useful to achieve your marketing goals. The three biggest benefits of our Puzzle app are:

  • Brand recognition – the users will be exposed to your brand for much longer than in any other type of promotion. Take the opportunity to display your corporate image: your logo, products, and your branding colors. 
  • Increase of engagement – branded Puzzle or any other mini-game delivers fun and entertainment to your online community, therefore it is a great way to strengthen the overall consumer-brand relationship. 
  • Lead generation – you will gain contact information from all the users that complete the game. If the audience solves the game, it will generally mean that they enjoyed the challenge and the incentive involved. That’s a great reason to follow up on the leads.

What you’ll need to launch a Puzzle game for your brand

To set up the Puzzle with Easypromos you will only need:

  • Your logo in png format (recommended dimensions: 200×200 pixels)
  • A square image that the application will cut into pieces to generate a Puzzle, 800×800 pixels
  • A viral image to share the game on social media channels (optional, 1200×630 pixels) 

Interested to see more examples of interactive Puzzles? Head to our blog post with 8 fun ideas to build an online branded Puzzle.

The main characteristics of the interactive Puzzle app

The Puzzle application by Easypromos allows you to upload a full image, without the need of cutting it, and then the app itself divides the picture into pieces and presents it to the audience as a Puzzle, ready to be solved. 

As the organizer of the game, you will be able to adjust the settings of the Puzzle:

  • Set the difficulty level: easy (9 pieces), medium (16 pieces), or difficult (25 pieces)
  • Decide whether you want to show the “Help” option (by clicking on the “Help” button, the player will be able to see the full image of the Puzzle)
  • Set the maximum time to solve the game
  • Set the maximum number of moves to complete the challenge
  • Permit the user to start over

Puzzle game

You can also enable a separate page to view the final scores of all the players. The platform allocates points to every person that completes the game. There is a fixed 100 points for completing the game, and then additional bonus points for the remaining seconds (10 points per second). So as the organizer of the Puzzle you can enable a ranking page, which will display the players by their final score, the best on the top. This option allows you to award the fastest player with a gift mentioned at the beginning of the game.

The points can also be used to create a random draw, for example between the best 10 participants, or to send vouchers or discount codes to the best players.

Image of final screen with results, Puzzle app by Easypromos

Why use the Easypromos Puzzle app?

puzzle game mobile app

As with all applications by Easypromos, creating your own branded Puzzle with our Puzzle app is very simple, and you don’t need any programming experience. In case of any questions or doubts, contact our Support Team through Easypromos Online Chat. They will be able to solve all your questions.

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Easypromos applications allow you to show the privacy policy and legal bases in an easy and transparent way, you can also configure all the fields of the entry form in order to obtain the information that you need for your database. You can also download all of this information at any moment and send it directly to your CRM, webhooks or Zapier.

Don’t wait to try the new Puzzle app! You can create a Puzzle as a draft for free with your Easypromos account! You only will be asked for payment when activating the game to share it with your online community. Click here to register!