Cat Day contests to celebrate, promote, and support the event

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
Cat owners are a dedicated bunch. They love to share photos and videos, learn more about their pets, and support ethical campaigns such as #adoptdontshop. So you can join the celebrations by supporting cat owners and sharing cat-friendly rewards.

First things first. Cat Day is celebrated more than just once or twice a year. These furry four-legged pets are celebrated multiple times a year.

  • February 17th in Europe
  • February 22nd in Japan
  • August 8th in Canada, and it is also International Cat Day
  • October 29th in the United States

However, we recommend you check exactly when Cat Day is celebrated in your country because it’s quite likely to be different! Also, let’s note that there’s a separate day celebrating black cats (November 17th) and Hug your Cat Day (June 4th).

So here’s the good news: if you have an international brand, you could celebrate more than 5 times a year!

The original celebration was founded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. They wanted to draw attention to the number of homeless, abandoned and mistreated cats. Even today, pet-lovers celebrate National Cat Day by supporting shelters, promoting education, and spoiling their cats with plenty of love and treats.

Let’s take a look at all the ways you can participate, support ethical cat ownership, and promote your brand online. We’ve featured some pretty cute photos and videos in the post, too ?

Ready for a quick contest on Facebook or Instagram? Use our ready-made templates to set up a Cat Day giveaway instantly.

Run a National Cat Day photo contest

Photo contests are overwhelmingly popular when it comes to cats, dogs, and other animals. Who doesn’t love an adorable photo, right?

This is also a great opportunity to connect with your customers and collect some user-generated content. You can display the contest entries online, or even reproduce photos in your next marketing campaign.

Banner announcing photo contest to win Almo Nature cat food

Let’s start with this classic photo contest from the pet food brand Almo Nature. They asked users to share a photo, then refer at least 2 friends, to enter the contest. Ultimately, the winners were chosen by a jury – but looking at these examples, it must have been a tough decision.

3 entries from the cat photo contest

You can run photo contests by sharing a link on your social media, website, or marketing materials. But you also have the option to collect photos directly from social media posts, with Facebook comments or a mention + hashtag contest.

Screenshot of a Facebook post announcing a photo contest to win a hamper of cat treats

Add some spice to your contest with a specific theme or challenge. In this example, the Cat Day competition was only open to rescued feral cats. Then the brand shared all the photos in an art exhibition, adding extra value to the experience.

National feral cat day photo contest

And here’s one more photo contest, with a very original prize. The winning kittens were featured in a video game!

Screenshot of photo contest where the winning cats will appear in a video game

You can also organize a very quick and easy photo contest on your Facebook page. Simply ask your followers to comment on your promotional post with pictures of their cats. Here’s an example from Sanicat.

Cat Day giveaway idea on Facebook

You can then choose the most adorable picture and reward the winner!

Share some National Cat Day education

A big part of National Cat Day is raising awareness and educating the public about how to be a responsible cat owner. So it’s a great opportunity to challenge your followers or invite them to share their own wise advice.

Banner announcing a quiz to learn more about cat flu. The title is "Change the Story" and the photo is a cat with only one eye.

For example, the PDSA is the leading vet charity in the UK. They created a quick quiz about cat flu, a very dangerous disease. Pet owners enjoyed the challenge of the quiz – and learned quite a lot in the process.

3 screenshots showing a quiz question, an explanation of a quiz answer, and the end of the quiz with tips for cat owners.

You can also invite your followers to share stories, experiences, advice and pet care tips. Use a writing contest to collect the contributions, then display them online.

Banner announcing the contest #rescuemyshelter. The title is "We want you to help them", and the photo shows a sleeping kitten.

We love this imaginative example from Virox Animal Health. They run a weekly giveaway to supply rescue shelters with cleaning products, free of charge. Anyone can nominate a non-profit shelter, and write a short explanation of why their shelter deserves the reward.

3 screenshots of the writing contest. 1: details of the care package which the winning rescue center will receive. 2: criteria to win the contest. 3: a screen which thanks users for their nominations and asks them to share online.

Reward subscribers on National Cat Day

So far, we’ve focused on getting engagement and content from people online. But you can also run National Cat Day events with a more direct purpose. Use creative, rewarding promotions to increase sales and drive more visitors to your website.

Banner announcing a giveaway of free cat food for newsletter subscribers. The image shows 4 different flavors of cat food.

The popular magazine for cat owners, Modern Cat, runs weekly giveaways and regular photo contests. In this example, they had some luxury cat food packs to give away when people signed up for their newsletter.

Screenshot of registration form for the cat food prize draw. Users share their contact details, age and gender. They have the option to subscribe to the newsletter and receive special offers.

They also used the opportunity to learn more about their customers. This information could help them target future sales campaigns and newsletter content.

Increase sales for National Cat Day

You could also celebrate National Cat Day with special rewards for customers who make purchases or visit you in-store.

In this example, people could enter an exclusive prize draw when they made a purchase. The brand advertised the giveaway on their social media to spread the news as far as possible.

Screenshot of an Instagram post, informing users that they will enter a prize draw when they make any purchase. The photo shows a cat sitting on a blanket in front of a castle as leaves fall around it.

Live events are also very popular. Set up games, challenges, or treats in-store to encourage people to visit you on National Cat Day. You can offer prizes, giveaways or discounts as an extra incentive.

cat day giveaway idea: twitter giveaway

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