How to achieve a viral sweepstakes by using the recruiters system

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The agency

Lifecom AgencyLifecom Agency is an online marketing agency that works with sportsmen and women, celebrities and FMCG companies. Jorge Lorenzo is currently one of its principal clients.

The agency is dedicated to the management of social media communication of brands, helping them meet all their communication needs with their followers and fans.

It covers all fields of digital marketing and its aim is to improve online positioning of brands, encouraging greater user engagement and loyalty.

Lifecom wants its clients’ ideas to become reality, its clients’ followers to be as well informed as possible, and its clients’ brands to be top of mind for internet users.


The Client

Jorge Lorenzo, Moto GP world champion in 2010 and 2012 with the Yamaha team, and 250cc world champion in 2006 and 2007. With a total of 49 victories, he is the seventh greatest driver in the history of motor racing.

The official Facebook page of Jorge Lorenzo has 965,631 fans (October 2013). His Twitter feed also redirected users to the contest being held on Facebook.


The Campaign

After reaching 2 million followers on his various social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and YouTube), the racer launched a campaign on his official Facebook page to raffle prizes, with the aim of thanking his fans for their support.

Under the title, ‘Win one of Jorge Lorenzo’s 5 incredible prizes!’, the contest consisted of a raffle of 5 Jorge Lorenzo packs, including a signed helmet, a paddock pass to attend a MotoGP championship of the user’s choice, and a special edition watch. In order to take part, users had to invite their friends to also take part, getting at least 4 of them to enter the contest. Only those users who met this challenge could enter the raffle. The user who won the contest, plus their four friends, would each receive a pack.

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How to use Customer Loyalty Rewards to organize an Exclusive Promotion for customers only

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The agency

MobisferaMobisfera Social is the social media division of Mobisfera, a digital communications development agency focused on mobile and social actions. As far as social media actions are concerned, they focus their efforts on converting sales and generating traffic at the point of sale. For this reason, they have specialized in the management of promotions via Easypromos, as this is the company that offers the most interesting and creative options, continually expanding the proposals and modalities of promotions.


The Client

FreeSmokeWorld, is a market-leading chain in the sale of electronic cigarettes. It is currently in a process of strong expansion throughout Spain. This particular campaign has been carried out in support of the first store opened in Barcelona, FreeSmokeBcn.

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How to create Instant Win promotions on Facebook

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Do you have various prizes to give away and want your users to know immediately if they have won? In all versions of Easypromos you now have the opportunity to create an ‘Instant Win’ promotion on your Facebook page. Surprise your fans with a contest in which only those lucky enough to enter during the period you’ve defined as a ‘winning moment’ will win a prize. Below we will explain how it works and reveal all the options available, as well as give you recommendations on how to create your ‘Instant Win’ on your Facebook page.


Application to create sweepstakes and export comments and likes from a Facebook post
Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes App

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Do you want to run a promotion directly from your Page’s timeline? Do you want to hold a sweepstakes among all the users who like one of your posts? Do you want to give a prize to whoever correctly answers your questions on Facebook? Or do you simply wish to export data on users who participate in your posts to Excel? We offer you a tool that allows you to manage those who interact with your timeline posts, and to carry out a sweepstakes for all those who comment on or like your posts.


Quiz with final sweepstakes among all participants who answered all questions correctly

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In this success case we’ll show how the chewing gum brand CLIX created a Quiz with final sweepstakes among all the participants who answered all questions corrected. The participants had to search for information on the brand’s online channels to answer the questions. That way they created traffic, engagement and entertainment which all resulted in a huge success. Read more here.


Update of Facebook’s promotions guidelines: promotions on the Timeline

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Facebook has just announced a change in its promotions policy. The key point is that now you can administer promotions directly on Page Timelines. Therefore, Facebook now allows promotional activities on the Timeline to exist alongside the promotion apps that have been used until now.


How to create a category-based contest on Facebook
Category-based contests on Facebook

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Are you thinking about launching a contest on your Facebook page? With Easypromos Premium and White Label versions you can now create photo, video or short story category-based contests. For example, if you organize a photo contest, create as many categories as you need (landscapes, sports, animals, etc.) and let the user decide in which category he wants to participate. By publishing the image gallery of the contest, users will be able to filter the entries by category to see and vote the photo they want. We give you some practical ideas about how to use this functionality in your contests on Facebook.


How to do a survey on Facebook with Easypromos

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Would you like to discover your customers tastes and habits? Do you want to measure customer satisfaction? You are about to launch a new product and want to discover if it’s going to be successful? With Easypromos Surveys you’ll be able to carry out a market research on your Facebook page and get your customers’ feedback to know their preferences and discover what they think about your brand. Easypromos Surveys are visually attractive, fast to answer and will allow you to obtain useful information to make decisions in your company. You’ll have your Survey ready and published in less than 10 minutes. In this post we explain you what are the benefits of carrying out a survey on your page and how Easypromos surveys work.


How to Organize a Multiple-choice Personality Test Combined with Recruiters

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The Client

worldreader_logoWorldreader is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, Barcelona, Accra and Nairobi, with the aim of providing children and their families in developing countries access to books.

This way, Worldreader is changing the way in which people in developing countries read: thanks to the reduction in the costs of technology, thousands of children have access to a digital library by putting e-books and e-readers into their hands.

During the first years, Worldreader has reached almost 12.000 children with over 609.000 electronic books in eight African countries.

Worldreader Facebook page has more than 55.000 Likes with an international community.


The Campaign

Coinciding with the World Book Day (23rd April), a Multiple-choice Personality Test under the name ‘What’s your Book DNA?’ was launched, which consisted of a 5 question quiz (with only two answers). Participants could double their possibilities to win if they encouraged their friends to participate.

Winners were entered into a prize draw for the chance to win 5 Kindles that contained the same books that are read by the children of our programs, amongst them the best titles of African authors.

The campaign started the same 23rd April and was active until 1st May.

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Easypromos Supports Instagram Video in Video Contests

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With over 100,000 users, Instagram platform recently launched the opportunity to record videos up to 15 seconds. In Easypromos we have already implemented video support for Instagram videos in our platform and we have integrated videos into our video contests application on Facebook. How? Just tag an Instagram video with the #hashtag of your campaign and it will automatically appear in the video gallery of the contest created with Easypromos.