Photo Contest Software: How to Organize a Photo Competition

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Is your brand looking to launch an exciting promotional campaign? It’s time to organize a photo competition for your most loyal customers! Use the most reliable tool on the market to collect all entries and invite your audience to vote for their favorite pictures. In this blog post, we take you through all the aspects you should consider when choosing software for your next photo contest.

Why is it a good idea to organize online photo contests? Apart from collecting user-generated content and new contact details, marketers also get to boost brand visibility and foster customer loyalty through rewarding user participation in photo competitions. So if you’re looking to stay top of mind with customers, while also generating high-quality content for your communication channels… You’re in the right place! All you have to do now is find the correct and reliable photo contest software that will allow you to effortlessly set up, manage and finalize your online photo competition. Luckily for you, the Easypromos voting contest app is the most comprehensive tool on the market to organize photo, video, text, and multi-media contests. Read on for all the characteristics and most important features of the only photo contest app that you’ll need for your upcoming campaign. 

What problems should your go-to photo contest software solve?

Let’s start by stating the obvious – you need a complete tool to run a successful online photo contest. It’s important to be able to easily solve all problems or issues that might arise while you’re accepting contest entries – because who needs to stress about things that can be avoided? This is why it’s crucial to find photo contest software that will make it easy to:

  • Set up, manage, and finalize the contest
  • Participate from any device or social media
  • Enter with different images and share them on social media or other communication channels
  • Choose the winner with a reliable voting system, internal jury, or random giveaway
  • Show prizes, terms and conditions, and other important information
  • Collect participant data and permissions to use submitted images for promotional purposes
  • Download submitted images in high resolution if needed

The Easypromos photo contest software covers all the above points and is the most complete photo contest platform available to online users. Let’s take a look at different aspects of this photo competition app and discover why you should opt for this solution next time you run a user-generated content campaign.

photo contest software

Choose photo contest software that is easy to use

For a photo contest to be successful you first need a good idea. Asking people for pictures that only a few might have, or requiring shots that take a lot of resources and time will not lead to overall success. This is why your photo contest theme must be simple and accessible for the majority of your customers or followers – just as the photo contest software that you will use to create your campaign. 

By choosing the Easypromos photo contest application and using one of our photo contest templates you save up to 70% of production time, as our ready-made promotions come with pre-determined text and images that are free to use and edit. Planning to launch a Christmas photo contest? Or maybe you want to welcome summer by collecting colorful pictures from your followers? Use the Easypromos ready-made photo contests to have your promotion ready in minutes. Just edit the text, determine participation dates, describe the prize, and add your logo to expose the participants to your corporate image.

Photo Contest App Easypromos

However, ease of use is an important factor not only for you as the organizer. The easier the participation process, the more entrants you’re likely to attract. And that’s something that will lead to the completion of your marketing goals. 

By using our photo contest software you ensure that you offer your audience a positive user experience, as participating in Easypromos contests takes less than a couple of minutes. All you have to do is share the contest link on your social media channels, website, and newsletter and encourage your loyal buyers and supporters to partake in your campaign. Users participate by filling out a short registration form and uploading an image that they want to share with your brand. 

The Easypromos photo contest software allows you to fully customize the design of your promotion, as well as the registration form. Add fields that you need for your CRM – name and email address come as default configuration – as well as check-ins that comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other data security regulations and give you permission to use participants’ photos for your promotional purposes.

Opt for photo contest software that comes with anti-fraud controls

Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of fair play. Some online users will participate in your online photo contest and then attempt to tamper with the voting process. They might try to manipulate the number of votes or vote with multiple fake email addresses. That’s not something you want when running a campaign that’s meant to entertain your audience and foster customer loyalty. This is why opting for photo contest software with anti-fraud controls is a crucial aspect of your promotion’s success. At Easypromos we developed our own anti-fraud system which detects all kinds of fraudulent practices.

As you can see, the application analyzes each entry and calculates the probability of the votes coming from a fraudulent source. If the score is 100% or more, Easypromos will automatically reject the participation. Additionally, the voting system shows a Recaptcha extension whenever the software detects unusual activity in the voting process.

Do you feel like giving a go to our photo contest software? Try our photo contest DEMO to check how easy it is to enter a photo competition and vote for your favorite entries.

Showcase the prize and present terms and conditions

Why do online users participate in photo contests? Chances are that they want to show off their creative pictures… But it’s more likely that they’re tempted by the prize that they might end up winning. This is why showcasing the prize is one of the most important aspects of online contests. 

Use the option to show all prizes to attract more user attention and encourage them to enter your contest. Remember that apart from the main prize that you might want to give to the owner of the most voted entry, you can also raffle smaller incentives among all participating users. It’s a great way to thank everyone for entering and fostering customer loyalty a little bit further. The app also gives you the option to set up coupon codes for all participants that are distributed once their entry is submitted.

Terms and conditions are another important aspect that should be shared with all participants; apart from explaining participation rules and guidelines, you also protect yourself from possible problems that could arise, for example, location or age restrictions. The Easypromos photo contest software comes with terms and conditions and privacy policy templates that you can edit in just a few minutes and then share with all participants. Do you need to edit something in your terms and conditions? All you have to do is edit the text from your contest editor – without having to upload documents or PDFs; if you edit the terms and conditions in the app, a check-in box will appear on the registration form. This way, all contestants must check the terms and conditions information field while registering.

Photo contests are all about visuals and creativity and therefore displaying participating images is an important aspect of each competition. Sharing the pictures on social media or your website might be time-consuming… unless you opt for a photo contest software that comes with an integrated and high-quality gallery that can be easily shared on social media or embedded on your website or blog. 

The Easypromos photo contest solution allows you to easily insert the gallery onto your site, giving the visitors the possibility to view the entire gallery and vote for their favorites. Additionally, as the organizer, you can download the participating images in high resolution – it might be an important aspect if you’re planning to reshare the best photos with your online community. 

Select photo contest winners in three different ways

We’ve already mentioned this aspect before but it’s so important that we’ve decided to dedicate to it another section. The Easypromos photo contest software enables you to choose winners in three different ways:

  • Most voted entries: this is the most popular and most used option. Let the audience choose the winner by inviting your followers and customers to vote on their favorite entries. The best thing about it is that each voting user becomes a new lead for your database!
  • Random prize draw: do you want to reward more than just one participant? Or maybe you just wish to distribute some smaller prizes or discounts among all entrants? Use the random giveaway tool that comes with our photo contest software to choose lucky users in a random and fully transparent way – you can even download a certificate of validity to prove that the winners were chosen in a fully automated way. 
  • Internal jury: do you want to have the final say? Create an internal jury and together choose the winning picture. Alternatively, you can combine all three ways of winner selection!

So… Are you now ready to obtain high-quality user-generated content with our photo contest software? Invite your followers and customers to participate in your competition and take your brand to the next level with top content! Do you have some further questions? Make sure to contact us via our live chat

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