Promotion Examples with Scratch & Win: Engage Your Audience and Generate Leads

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
Promotions offering the possibility of winning an instant prize are not only engaging but they can also help increase sales, not to mention gathering Zero-Party data that can be used to nurture your emailing database. The Easypromos’ Scratch & Win app is a fun and exciting way to do just that. Keep on reading to discover how to create your own and get inspired by these examples.

Easypromos has recently launched its new Scratch & Win dynamic, an online version of the game that has been around for years. Only this time, instead of scratching a piece of paper, the users rub their finger on their mobile screen to reveal if they have won a prize. If you are thinking about running a promotion that offers the possibility of winning an instant prize with a twist of fun and excitement, Scratch & Win might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Scratch & Win app is a versatile tool both in the way it’s presented and the marketing objectives you aim to achieve. On the one hand, the game can be fully customized with your brand colors, product images, or messages. On the other hand, it’s a good alternative if your objective is to reward existing customers, build customer loyalty, or gather Zero-Party data to nurture your database. Let’s not forget that ZPD is the future in the upcoming cookieless world, so you might as well get on with it. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!

How the Scratch & Win app works

Before we dive into the practical examples, let’s take a quick look at how the app works and its features. We have already mentioned that you can customize Scratch & Win, so why not take advantage of this feature and showcase your product’s image or brand on the scratchable surface? Always a good idea to work on increasing brand awareness.

Next, you have to set up the prize distribution. You can include as many different prizes as you want and also customize the image of the prize that the user will discover after scratching. How to distribute the prizes is entirely up to you. That is to say, you can define the odds of winning each individual prize. But that is not all, you can also preset a specific moment when certain prizes will be awarded (time and date) with the Instant Win feature. And of course, you can combine both!

Boost sales and reward customers with a Scratch & Win promotion

Let’s start with the promotion that G-Force Network organized in Singapore. The brand offered clients the opportunity to participate in a Scratch & Win and the chance to win some really juicy prizes.

GForce Sctarch & Win Promotion

To participate in this promotion users had two options. They could either spend $500 on Samsung products, or sign up for a mobile/internet plan. By offering these two possibilities, the brand achieved two main objectives: rewarding existing customers who bought their products and it attracted potential customers with the chance of winning a prize for signing up with them.

The result was a promotion that increased existing customers’ loyalty, attracted new clients, and allowed the brand to collect Zero-Party data.

Email marketing campaign for better customer segmentation using Scratch & Win

Our next example takes us to sunny California, where Lunasia Dim Sum House organized an email marketing campaign that helped better segment their audience for future campaigns. The restaurant group sent an email to their customers in their database with a link to participate in their Scratch & Win.

The prizes consisted of meals that could be redeemed in one of their restaurants. And here’s where the magic happens. Thanks to the customization capabilities of the app, the company included a couple of boxes in the registry form, one for each of their restaurants. Hence, users had to choose the restaurant where they wanted to claim their prize. As a result, the company obtained valuable information that they could later use to better segment their audience.

Want to know the user experience for a Scratch & Win promotion? Try out our DEMO and if you like it download the ready-made template to create your own in no time.

Use Scratch & Win to promote your product and drive traffic to your Social Media

Social Media is the marketplace to be, and if you are a gaming product shop like Newskill is, then there is little more to say. The brand organized a Scratch & Win promotion and posted it on its social media to engage its audience, build customer loyalty, and promote its products. 

juego azar premios rasca y gana twitter

Every promotion created with Easypromos has its own URL that can be included as a link on social media posts. This will not only provide your followers with easy access to the promotion but they can also share it on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts for a wider reach. 

Reward and motivate your employees

In this example, we’re not looking into rewarding or engaging the people out there, that is, the clients or potential clients. Instead, we are looking inwards and focusing on those who make it all possible, your own employees. How? Using an employee engagement dynamic.

Employee engagement Scratch & Win promotion

Let’s take a look at what the business services supplier Inspiro did to celebrate the Chinese New Year with its employees in the Philippines. The company organized a Scratch & Win promotion to reward and engage more than 2000 of their employees. The prizes consisted of cash and the promotion registered over 9000 participations!

New call-to-action

Promote your product and grow your mailing list

Here’s an example from Edge Fitness, a South African gym that looked for a way to promote the gym and expand the mailing list at the same time. Apart from entering a grand giveaway in which Edge Fitness raffled a free year’s membership, each user that registered in the promotion received a 50% discount on a monthly membership.

edge fitness scratch and win promotion

This was a great tactic to not only promote the gym but to also collect new sales leads that could be targeted with future email marketing promotions.

Use Scratch & Win to distribute coupon codes

In our last example, we are going to take a look at one more useful feature of the Easypromos apps: The possibility to combine two apps in one promotion. This is precisely what the home appliance brand Moulinex did in this promotion the brand organized in Spain.

Moulinex Scratch & Win promotion

Distributing coupon codes might well be the most effective way to drive traffic to your online shop, add the possibility to win a nice prize to the mix, and watch the magic work! In this promotion, Moulinex used the Scratch & Win app as a means to distribute coupon codes among its audience while also giving them a chance to win a kitchen robot.

So now you see, the possibilities are wide and varied. From customizing the game with your image, to deciding how to distribute the prizes, to combining several apps in one promotion. With Easypromos you will always find the tools to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Still not sure how to proceed or have any questions? Contact our customer service team via live chat and we will be happy to help!