Winning codes

Winning codes

Reward your customers for their loyalty by giving them instant prizes when they validate a code online. “Winning codes” generate a fun “scratch and win” type dynamic. Customers register to the app and enter their participation code, which can be an alphanumeric code, a product serial number, or another form of purchase validation. As soon as the code has been validated, the participant will be informed whether they have won a prize, told how to redeem it, and given different download options.

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Main features

  • Create a customized registration form

    Collect exactly the information you need from users by customizing the registration form with the fields that interest you. This will enable you to qualify the leads based on the information you obtain, irrespective of whether the leads have won prizes. You can also add a validation field so participants can verify the codes they’ve received from you.

  • Load the participation codes

    Upload the participation codes to the platform: you can upload up to 2 million codes. They can be numeric, alphanumeric, product serial numbers, etc. You can also use a regular expression to validate the codes, so you don’t have to upload them.

  • Validate the codes so they can only be used once

    You have the option of indicating that each code be used once only. If you choose this option, the system will check that the values entered haven’t already been registered by another user. The validation process for participants is always fast and simple.

  • Define and customize the winning codes

    Indicate which codes to assign prizes by uploading a list with all the winning codes, or by using a regular expression to establish winning codes. You can reward a different prize for each winning code or the same prize for a group of winning codes. You can also customize how the prize is displayed and the different download options.

  • Activate more than one validation field quickly and easily

    If your dynamic involves the user submitting more than one participation code, activate a variety of validation fields in the same form. This type of promotion is ideal for increasing customer loyalty and boosting recurring sales of one or more products.

  • Send segmented emails to participants

    You have an emails platform inside the promotion where you can configure and schedule email communications to participants. Send emails to the winners with information about the prize and instructions on how to redeem it; send a thank you message to participants and encourage them to keep trying, etc. Use ‘smart tags’ in the email to display blocks of dynamic content – personalized for each participant – such as name, email, prize info, and so on.

  • Validate coupons with the Prize Redemption tool

    Upon participating in "Winning Codes, the prize will be displayed on the participant's mobile phone screen with a countdown timer to redeem it. When users visit the store, the shop assistant only needs to provide them with a security PIN to confirm the prize or enter a reference number on the Validation Portal website. More info.

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