Fun ideas for Easter promotions, competitions and contests

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Easter is sometimes overlooked in marketers’ busy calendars. But it’s a fresh, family-friendly holiday with potential for creative promotions and online content. Here are 5 ideas to get you started – with free promotion templates and design resources.

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Creative Easter photo contests

Like every great festival, Easter has its own, instantly recognizable, visual style. Eggs, bunnies, baby chicks, flowers, baskets…

And that makes it the perfect occasion for a themed photo contest. You can ask your community of customers, or social media followers, to share their Easter pictures. Just like this adorable example of an Easter photo contest for pets…

Easter promotion ideas: a pet photo contest. The image shows a striped kitten in a basket, surrounded by brightly colored plastic eggs.

Choose a theme that incorporates products from your brand, or encourages your followers to try another activity. Here are a few quick ideas for Easter promotions with photo contests:

  • Easter egg painting
  • Easter egg hunts
  • Easter outfits, including Easter bonnets or costume contests
  • Easter Sunday lunch
  • Easter parties or family celebrations

Easter promotion ideas: a pet photo contest. The image shows a large, black dog wearing an orange hat, and a short brown pug wearing pink rabbit ears. They are sitting on a grassy lawn with a basket full of Easter eggs.

As well as the fun of joining in, photo contests bring plenty of benefits for your brand. When people sign up and share their photos, you can collect contact details for sales leads.

You could even get image permissions, so that you can use photo entries in your own marketing campaigns and social media content.

Just make sure you offer a prize to make it worth your followers’ while. The prize should be exciting, designed for your target market, and just a little bit luxurious.

Easter promotion ideas: a family photo contest. The image shows 3 mobile screenshots. 1: a golf course announces an Easter Sunday photo contest to win a family dinner. 2: a contest entry shows a young girl playing at the golf course. 3: a Facebook status sharing the contest.

Here’s a well-designed example from a golf course. They asked people to share family photos at Easter – and in return, they gave away a family meal.

For extra fun, try a contest where people can edit their entries with Easter photo frames. Click here to jump to the photo frame section of this blogpost.

Easter quizzes, games and puzzles

There are lots of traditional games and kids’ activities at Easter, from the traditional egg hunt to Morris dancing or reading stories on the White House lawn. You can play along too, with online quizzes and puzzles for your followers.

Here’s an example in traditional fairground style. This brand simply posted a photo of a jar full of Easter eggs. Whoever guessed the number of eggs would win them all!

Easter promotion ideas: guess the number of sweets. The image shows a tall glass jar, filled with tiny chocolate eggs wrapped in colorful foil. It is surrounded by yellow balloons, ribbons, and toy baby chicks.

This is a great way to get involved if your brand doesn’t have an obvious connection to Easter, family traditions, or kids’ activities. After all, everyone loves chocolate, right?

Easter bake-offs and recipe contests

For many people, the highlight of Easter is all the delicious treats on offer. Chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, Simnel cake and Sunday lunch, peeps and jelly beans…

It’s exactly the right time for a recipe contest. Ask people to share their secret family recipes, new twists on old traditions, or ideas for Easter baking with kids.

Easter promotion ideas: a Pinterest board collection of Easter recipe competition photos

You can share recipes in any format: with a photo contest, as written recipes, or even in video format.

Just make sure that you display all the entries in a public gallery for people to experiment and enjoy. And just like any other contest, you can use the contact details and user-generated content from the bake-off to guide your future campaigns.

Easter egg hunts, on- and offline

The Easter egg hunt is a classic game. And it works anywhere: you can set up an Easter egg hunt at home, at school, or even in the office.

And even… online. This is one of our favorite ideas for Easter promotions. Try hiding clues or contest links around your website so that your followers have to hunt down their prize!

Easter promotion ideas: an online Easter egg hunt. The mobile screenshot announces a contest to win an iPad Mini, when participants name the 6 specialist interests of the organizing brand.

Here’s a clever example from a marketing agency. They seized the opportunity to educate clients about their brand – with an “Easter egg hunt” for information.

People had to read the agency’s website in order to answer quiz questions and qualify for the prize draw. The prize was more than generous enough to motivate them: an iPad Mini.

Easter promotion ideas: an online Easter egg hunt. Mobile screenshot 1 shows a hamper full of Easter sweets with the title "Win an Easter Hamper from Best Western". Mobile screenshot 2 explains that people can enter the contest by searching for clues on the Best Western website.

Or you can run a more traditional Easter egg hunt, with an Easter basket or gift hamper as the prize. In the example above, hotel chain Best Western simply asked people to find a photo of the Easter hamper on their website for a chance to win.

Easter photo frames

Finally, here’s one more way to bring traditional Easter fun online: Easter photo frames.

Instead of running a standard photo contest, give your followers the tools to be even more creative. With the PhotoFun app, they can upload photos or selfies and decorate them with seasonal frames and stickers.

Easter promotion ideas: Easter photo frames. The image shows a photo of a young girl in the PhotoFun editor, decorated with chocolate-themed frames and stickers.

You can create your own, or use some of our ready-made stickers. If you’re looking for cute ideas for Easter promotions, try our chocolate-flavored demo or the springtime stickers. Then use the demo templates to set up an instant contest.

Easter promotion ideas: Easter photo frames. The image shows a photo of a young boy in the PhotoFun editor, decorated with Spring-themed frames and animal stickers.

Even more Easter promotion ideas

And we’re not done yet! Click here to visit the Easter campaign hub – with even more ideas for Easter promotions, contest templates, social media resources, and case studies.


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