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Emojis have become a large part of popular culture and digital communication. Complex concepts can now be easily expressed through different icons. But did you know that you can create online word search games where instead of letters users look for combinations of emojis? Keep on reading to discover how to add a fun and engaging emoji Word Search into your marketing campaign!

Word search games are one of the most popular pastimes, and their online versions bring even more fun and possibilities. By hiding words in between random letters organizers get a great chance to entertain and engage their online communities. But at Easypromos, we love fun and entertainment, therefore we looked for another way to make our Word Search app even more attractive. And we did it! 

Entertainment is not just about increasing online engagement and brand affinity. Entertaining content can also help you educate your audience, promote products in a different way, and also create a sense of rivalry and challenge.

Here’s an example of how a fashion magazine used our Word Search app to showcase and promote new shoes by a popular brand. The participants looked for hidden words that were closely connected with the shoes.  The two fastest players won new sneakers. 

Wordsearch Sketchers

The are several ways to offer more gameplay options to the Word Search players. You can optimize the number of rows and columns, and specify the difficulty level to make the game easier or harder to solve. The app also allows you to determine the number of hidden words and decide whether the words will be displayed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Launch a word search with emoji combinations

Our Word Search app now offers even more features allowing you to create engaging games for online communities. While adding new alphabets to our application (such as Arabic and Polish) we also decided to add the most frequently used emojis. This option allows you to launch a game that is even more attractive and innovative: the emojis search. Give it a go by playing our DEMO

Emojis wordsearch by easypromos

With an emojis word search, the players demonstrate three different skills: visual memory skills, concentration, and speed.

In the above example, participants looked for different emoji combinations. However, emojis can substitute for many different words. Here’s an example of another game that you can create with our Word Search application. How about asking your online community to find movie titles written with these funny faces and symbols?

Movie titles emojis wordsearch by easypromos

As you can see, this example uses emojis that weren’t added to the previous game.

In the first example, the similarity of the icons made it more difficult to locate the right combination. In this example, the challenge is a bit easier, as the player can focus their search on the icon of the globe, glasses, dancer, or three monkeys in a row. Identifying movie titles will also make it easier to spot the correct emojis. However, the difficulty can be still adjusted by changing the time settings or the number of combinations to find. 

Creating a word search has never been easier! You don’t need any programming skills to organize your word or emojis search. You can launch your own branded game in less than one hour! Create your Easypromos account and try our Word Search editor without any cost! The platform won’t ask for any payment until the moment of activation. 

Recommendations for creating your emojis search

We’ve already covered different options and benefits of the Word Search game with emojis, but here are a few more important aspects to have in mind.

Focus on one topic when creating an emojis search

Both examples that we’ve shared with you so far focus on one specific topic:

  • Traditional emoji combinations
  • Movie titles written with emojis
  • Food-themed emojis (the next example)

In order to create an engaging emojis search, the game must have one specific topic. Otherwise, it will create unnecessary confusion. Therefore before setting up the game, think about one theme that you will focus on. Once you have an idea (for example movie names, animals, food, or sports) you can then use the appropriate alphabet for your game.

Remember that before sharing the game with your online community it is important to test it! Share it with a small group of friends or workmates to see if the game generates the effect you had in mind. 

Here’s the previously mentioned example of a word search with only food-related icons. Our Word Search game comes with a special settings option where you can indicate which characters will be displayed in the box. 

Emojis wordsearch

Adjust the difficulty settings of your emojis search

Apart from testing if the game generates the planned effect you should also check if there are not too many columns and rows. If the game will be too difficult to solve you will create an unwanted participation barrier. 

However, if you want to launch a game that will create more rivalry you should play with the time settings. Therefore, instead of adding more columns and rows, you can simply set a reduced time cap. You will generate recurrence and increase competitiveness. 

Incentivize participation to attract more players 

Online games are obviously engaging and entertaining, and they attract many online users. However, adding a small prize or gift is always a great idea. Incentivized participation tends to create more rivalry. It also grabs the attention of other potential players. Our Word Search app allows you to assign prizes in three different ways.

  • Every participant that completes the game receives a score. You can display all the users on a public ranking page. To do so, you will need to enable pre-participation registration. Giving a prize to the fastest participant is always a great technique to generate trust. 
  • If you want to give all registered participants a chance to win you can create a random draw between all players. In this case, it doesn’t matter who was the fastest, as the prize will be drawn between all participants that completed the challenge.
  • Another way to increase trust, loyalty, and sales is to distribute discount codes or vouchers to all registered players. Learn how to use discount coupons.

So what do you think? As emojis are now part of our culture it is a great idea to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Do you have questions about launching your emojis search? Don’t worry! Contact our Support Team, always ready to address all your doubts! 

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