Easypromos at The Business Show, London

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In May 2018 we had the pleasure of being present at a trade show in the UK for the first time in the history of Easypromos. On May 16 and 17, 2018, we exhibited at The Business Show at the ExCel London where we met many friendly people and luckily also quite a lot of interest in our platform.


What Are the Best Prizes for Online Football Pools?
online football pools

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Traditional betting pools have been superseded in recent years by online betting. This has caused some companies to include internet-based betting pools in their marketing plans. Publishing these types of challenges on social media can boost a brand’s prestige and generate engagement. Coupons and discount codes are among the most successful prizes for online football pools, helping to increase conversion rates. Do you think this type of action might be good for your business? Then read on!


How to Create An Online Soccer Pool
online soccer pool

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The Russia World Cup is almost upon us. Businesses know the importance of being present at events of global impact. When important tournaments like this approach, big brands boost their spending on online marketing to make the most of the public’s enthusiasm for the occasion. But it’s not only big brands with bulky wallets that can take advantage of World Cups, Olympic Games and other great sporting events. If you want to take this opportunity to boost your 2018 marketing strategy but don’t yet know how to go about it, then read on. Below, we look at how you can convert soccer fans into fans of your brand by way of an online soccer pool. Ready for kick off?


What Are The Benefits of Giving Away Discount Coupons on Mother’s Day?
discount coupons on Mother’s Day

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In most countries around the world, Mother’s Day falls during May. And, because there’s a lot of love out there for moms, their special day is generally celebrated with great enthusiasm. As well as celebrating the concept of motherhood, this special day also gives children the chance to express their appreciation by giving gifts to their mothers. This means that the commercial impact of Mother’s Day is very high. Clever companies make the most of this opportunity to launch promotions and special offers. This Mother’s Day, give your followers discount coupons and you’ll stand out from the competition in a context that’s extremely favorable to boosting sales. Want to find out about all the benefits of this type of promotion? Keep reading!


Ideas for your World Book Day Promotion

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Do you represent a publishing house or a bookshop or do you write a blog about books, maybe you’re even a writer yourself? It can be a good idea to promote new books, a new edition or a special book gift package on social networks because there you can find interested readers. Some may already know you or the author but some may hear about you for the first time. Online promotions are a very good way to reach your target audience, increase the reach of your online communication and engage with users.


Why give away discount coupons for Father’s Day?

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Father’s Day has been celebrated in Spain since 1948 thanks to a shrewd teacher who noticed some frustration among fathers of her students: moms had had a special day dedicated to them since 1923. But what about the dads? At first children gave their dads little hand-made gifts, but companies soon saw that here was an opportunity to do business, launch offers and make a profit. Today this festival is celebrated in countries all over the world, often timed to coincide with Saint Joseph’s Day. Over 70% of children will give their dads a gift on March 19, making Father’s Day an ideal opportunity for distributing discount coupons.


Engage your Audience with a Facebook Photo Contest on Valentine’s Day

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Now that Christmas is over, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to engage your audience than with a Facebook photo contest on Valentine’s Day?


How to Create a Valentine’s Giveaway on Social Media

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In February a very special date is upon us, a day that all brands should use to promote their products and incentivize sales: Valentine’s Day. Organize a Valentine’s Giveaway on your social media channels, your web or blog and disseminate it through all the channels you have in reach, online and offline. You will see more engagement from your community and increased brand awareness which affect sales positively. Do you need ideas? Here we give you some real examples to help you.


Christmas Sweepstakes Ideas to Generate More Traffic

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Social media is a jungle these days. Here at Easypromos we are here to help you obtain that much-needed traffic. Why not a Christmas sweepstakes to direct the public to your page? Let’s find some original sweepstakes ideas!


Ideas for Your Christmas Facebook Contest

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The most important campaign of the year for many brands and companies is getting closer: The Christmas campaign. If your online marketing strategy has Facebook as one of the anchors and you want to run a contest on this network during the holiday season, you can find inspiration in these real-life examples and plan your Facebook timeline contest. Boost your community and you will see that the visibility of your brand on Facebook will increase a lot during the campaign.