Engage your Audience with a Facebook Photo Contest on Valentine’s Day

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Now that Christmas is over, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to engage your audience than with a Facebook photo contest on Valentine’s Day?


How to Create a Valentine’s Giveaway on Social Media

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In February a very special date is upon us, a day that all brands should use to promote their products and incentivize sales: Valentine’s Day. Organize a Valentine’s Giveaway on your social media channels, your web or blog and disseminate it through all the channels you have in reach, online and offline. You will see more engagement from your community and increased brand awareness which affect sales positively. Do you need ideas? Here we give you some real examples to help you.


Christmas Sweepstakes Ideas to Generate More Traffic

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Social media is a jungle these days. Here at Easypromos we are here to help you obtain that much-needed traffic. Why not a Christmas sweepstakes to direct the public to your page? Let’s find some original sweepstakes ideas!


Ideas for Your Christmas Facebook Contest

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The most important campaign of the year for many brands and companies is getting closer: The Christmas campaign. If your online marketing strategy has Facebook as one of the anchors and you want to run a contest on this network during the holiday season, you can find inspiration in these real-life examples and plan your Facebook timeline contest. Boost your community and you will see that the visibility of your brand on Facebook will increase a lot during the campaign.


Celebrate Children Worldwide With a Children’s Day Campaign

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Children’s Day is celebrated on many different dates around the world but the UN World Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20. The date was decided on because it was the day the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1959, and on the same day the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1989. As Unicef says: “This is a day for children, by children, all over the world to help save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfill their potential. It’s a #KidsTakeOver.” Encourage your online community to celebrate Children’s Day with your brand or company with promotions and sweepstakes.


Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Contests This Halloween

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Autumn comes, leaves fall, and the days grow shorter and darker. What else does October bring? Halloween! Companies who know how to use key dates such as Halloween can achieve great results energizing their community. The biggest brands have already jumped onto the bandwagon of social media contests and promotional actions for Halloween. Would you like to know how to do the same for your company? Then keep reading!


Ideas for Spooky Halloween Promotions on Facebook

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In October one of the most popular and profitable campaigns for increasing sales arrive: The Halloween campaign. Even though there are products that are ideal to promote for the season, all brands can create a promotion for Halloween to help reach sales or marketing goals. If you’re looking for a promotional action that’s simple to organize and to participate and that takes place on your Facebook page in order to create brand awareness, you can advantageously run a Halloween Facebook Sweepstakes. Photo contests are also very popular because of the tradition of dressing up for Halloween. There are many ways to promote your product or brand during this season and achieve increasing sales.


Promote your brand with a May Day Giveaway
May Day Giveaway

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Do your customers and followers celebrate May Day? Is this date celebrated in your country? For example in the UK, nowadays May Day is celebrated with flowers, colours and dancing. In many villages, a May Queen is elected and she’s in charge of the festival which includes dancing around the maypole that is decorated with colourful ribbons and flowers, the children go from house to house offering flowers and Morris Dancing. Each town has added different traditions to these, ie. jumping in the river or ocean etc. Celebrate May Day with your followers and increase engagement with a May Day Giveaway. Take advantage of this tradition and celebrate May Day with your followers with a promotion, a giveaway or a contest: you will increase engagement, create brand awareness and collect new leads to convert into clients.


Valentine’s Day promotions – the most used prized to incentivize participation
Valentines Day Infographic

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You know you want to promote your product or your brand for Valentine’s Day but maybe you’re unsure of which prize to give away to attract the participant? It’s a typical question when you begin to plan you promotional campaign and more if it’s the first time you organize this type of marketing action. In this post we’ll give you some information about the most used prizes in this type of campaign and some advice on how to decide what would be a good prize to incentivize the participation of your audience. Achieve a good diffusion of your brand so that the users think of your products when they are going to buy their Valentine’s present.


Make the most of Cyber Monday to boost your online store sales

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Following on from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, which also originated in the US, has become an important date in the calendar for internet users. Many people now wait for this day to make their online purchases at more affordable prices. Three days after the massive sales enjoyed by physical stores, shopping malls and department stores during Black Friday, it’s the turn of online businesses: Cyber Monday – the day of mass online buying – has gradually extended across the world.