The Importance of Visual Content in Sports Promotions

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
We live in an age where millions of photos and videos are shared on social media every day. In this post we’re going to explain the hugely important part that visual content plays in sports-related promotions, and we’ll introduce you to a tool that makes it easier for you to create this type of content.

The main reason why you should use visual content in sports promotions and communications is that it’s highly appealing to your followers and customers. People process images must faster than words, so using visual content will give you a better chance of enticing and retaining your audience.

Right now, almost everyone has a smartphone or a camera of a high enough quality to take good photos and videos, so including visual content in your promotions shouldn’t cost you much money.

Let’s look at the main advantages of providing visual content:

  • Search engine optimization. Well-optimized visual content helps to improve positioning in search engines such as Google.
  • Increase traffic to your networks. Posts with images and videos tend to generate more reactions and are more likely to be shared, meaning you’ll reach more people.
  • Better understanding. When you provide detailed information, users find it easier to understand if the text is accompanied by visual content.
  • Increase user loyalty. Exchange those static, image-free pages for high-quality visual content to ensure that users keep coming back.

So, what kinds of visual content are there?

  • Photos. The most-used resource in marketing, and a great way of reinforcing a message. Just make sure you keep in mind the quality and size of the images.
  • Videos. These are great for generating engagement. But don’t make them too long as users will lose interest by the end.
  • Infographics. This resource provides a useful way to summarize, simply and appealingly, important data that you’d like to convey to users. Infographics are usually made up of graphics and illustrations, accompanied by some text.
  • GIFS. These are perfect for giving a fun, comical touch to your content. Their success is also due to their low cost and to the ease with which they can be inserted in, and distributed across, a range of channels.

Types of visual content in sports promotions

Focusing on the sporting sector, these days all sports clubs understand the importance of generating content for their fans via social media and websites. And since most clubs now do this, it’s vital for each to find a way to stand out from the crowd and take their audience by surprise. Here are a few ways that your club can grab the attention of fans:

Promotions or giveaways

Let your followers know whenever you organize an exclusive promotion on certain products or hold a giveaway for tickets, shirts, or items signed by the players. It’s an effective initiative for boosting fan engagement. You can use tools like Easypromos to automatically manage your giveaways and contests, and to generate engagement on social media.

sports visual content: promotions or giveaways

Match announcements

It’s the most important day for sports clubs and the most exciting for fans. Don’t forget to post the date, time, and place of the sporting event so that as many spectators as possible can attend.

sports visual content: match announcements


Let fans know which players will be performing in the match or game. Fans like to know as soon as possible who they’ll be watching on the big day!

sports visual content: line-up


Irrespective of whether your team has won or lost, it’s important to announce the results of the match for fans who might have missed it.

sports visual content: results


Match statistics are getting more and more important. Fans want to know everything: goals, assists, shots, possession, etc. Anything to help them analyze their team’s performance.

sports visual content: statistics


Fans always like to know where their team currently stands in the league or tournament. We suggest posting this table once all the day’s matches have been played to ensure that it provides an accurate, up-to-date picture of how the team is currently placed.

sports visual content: classification

Birthday greetings

It’s a very nice touch for a club to wish its players happy birthday on social media. Doing so will help strengthen bonds with players, while also appealing to fans, who will appreciate the chance to wish their idols happy birthday.

sports visual content: birthday greetings


Players form the foundation of any club. Announce signings and welcome new players via social media using well-designed posts that will help you keep fans up to date with all the team news.

sports visual content: transfers


An important part of a club’s economy is its agreements with sponsors. For this reason we suggest that each time you form a new partnership you announce it on the club’s official page. It’s a simple gesture, but one that your sponsors will appreciate.

sports visual content: sponsors

Now we’ve gone through some ideas for social media posts for sports clubs, let’s look at how to approach the visual element. Clupik is committed to finding digital solutions that are suitable for all kinds of sports clubs. One of these is ​Kickly,​ an online design app that uses templates to generate graphic content and share it on social media in a matter of minutes. No more spending hours on Photoshop creating content; now you can use a wide range of customizable templates to announce matches, lineups, clashes, player statistics, and much more!

sports visual content: kickly

After reading this post about the importance of visual content in sports promotions, all you need to do is define your objectives and pick a social media strategy to start creating your own visual content.

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