Three strategies to promote an online fashion shop that you can’t miss

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
As you know, the fashion sector is very dynamic and is always in constant motion to adapt to new trends and annual campaigns. That's why it's crucial to establish direct communication with customers that allows you to communicate the latest news in clothing and accessories, as well as the new discounts and promotions available. Do you want to gain more brand visibility and increase traffic to your store? Here are three essential strategies to promote an online clothing store.

Social Media Giveaways to boost brand awareness

Considering the algorithms that govern social media posts, brands have to look for clever ideas for their posts to come up on their followers’ feeds. Besides advertising, an indispensable tool for increasing engagement is social media giveaways. They are a highly effective marketing tool as they generate organic interactions, which algorithms view favorably. Furthermore, they assist in energizing your social profiles and reaching a broader audience.

So, if you want to launch a new product or stay atop people’s minds, run a giveaway to develop interest through an incentive, which could be the new product itself or a discount. If you own a fashion e-commerce store, promote your online shop by giving away the best-selling clothing items.

In the following example, the online clothing store “Femminile” ran a giveaway open to everyone who commented on the Instagram post and tagged three friends for the chance to win a pair of jeans, allowing the shop to promote its flagship product. Additionally, the shop has a section for featured stories in its Instagram profile where they share information about giveaways and winners.

Promocionar una tienda online: ejemplo de sorteo en redes sociales

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Interactive games to promote an online shop and draw traffic

Social media can be a significant source of traffic for your online store, but it’s not the only one. There are other ways to attract visitors, and one of them is by implementing interactive features on your own website.

Incorporating games into your marketing strategy enables you to personalize communication to the point of establishing a fun and rewarding connection with the target audience. The interaction achieved through games allows you to showcase a product or service, offer prizes or discounts, raise awareness about your brand’s values, and capture the user’s attention to generate high-quality traffic.

Create a puzzle using an image from your new collection, a memory game to match the trendiest looks, or a word search to discover the whole range of clothing and accessories available in your store. Then embed the game on your website or app so that players have to enter your store to play, and voilà!

The Spanish shopping center Alcalá Magna launched a fashion Spin the Wheel promotion to capture customers’ attention. They promoted it on their website, social media, through emails, etc. However, participation took place directly through their app, which drew a significant amount of traffic to this channel.

Promocionar una tienda online: ejemplo de ruleta de premios

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Promote an online shop and build customer loyalty

Loyalty programs are a must for retaining customers. Loyalty is a key factor in encouraging customers to make repeat purchases and meeting your sales targets consistently. There are many types of loyalty strategies, but the most successful ones are those that provide some form of reward and offer added value.

For instance, you can promote your online store and build loyalty through actions to give away instant prizes. Create a campaign where users redeem a code (received earlier through their purchase) to earn points, discounts, or a gift.

In fashion, providing styling and color advice is quite common. How about offering this service in your online fashion shop? Kettlewell Colours is a company specializing in fashion. For years, it has been providing color-related advice to their customers. Its website features several quizzes that offer recommendations on what suits customers best.

ejemplo de dinámica para fidelizar a los clientes

Want to learn more about the Kettlewell Colours case? Read all about it in this case study.

We hope you find these strategies to promote an online fashion shop useful and inspiring to create your own promotional action.