Tourism Games: Use gamification for your marketing strategy

Sílvia Martí
Sílvia Martí
To attract the attention of new customers on social networks it’s important to generate a wide variety of attractive, high-value content. Users are flooded with content from different brands every day and are only likely to show an interest in information that really surprises, amuses or motivates them. For this reason, brands or agencies promoting a tourist destination on social networks should seek to encourage high levels of engagement and interaction from their intended audiences. Games are a very useful way of doing this.

The tourism sector is finally recovering! It’s time to once again put maximum effort into generating engagement and visibility for your tourism-related business. So let’s take a look at some of the most creative and fun promotion ideas for your tourism-related organization with branded mini-games.

Tourism Marketing Ideas

Use tourism games to expose the audience to your brand

The government of the Province of Corrientes (Argentina) worked on a new brand image for the tourist area of Corrientes Tiene Payé. To promote the new logo and image, they devised a social media campaign with a series of interactive games: a memory game, a hidden object test, and a puzzle.

tourist destination game

Games are a very effective way of attracting the attention of internet users. 80% of internet users play games with their smartphones, even though they don’t consider themselves “gamers.” Easypromos Game Apps allow you to customize the application with your brand’s corporate image, adapt the dynamics to your audience, and give prizes to participants at random: either by points, by a prize draw, or directly for participating.

Test our tourist destination puzzle DEMO and download the pre-configured template to launch your own gamified promotion.

Tourism Games: An online puzzle captured visitors’ data at a tourism trade show

One of the benefits of showcasing your brand or company with a stand at a fair is that visitors can see and approach you, and you can obtain quality contacts.

To attract the attention of visitors to Fitur (Spain’s Tourism Fair), the agency B The Travel Brand organized an online puzzle and raffled various summer and sports packs among all participants. By providing this interactive activity to users, the promotion appealed to a high number of attendees.

promotion idea for tourism, a puzzle game

Convert visits into emails using a tourism matching game

Devonshire Hotels & Restaurants ran a matching game on their website to attract visitors and convert them into email contacts. Since engaged couples are a major target for the brand, they took advantage of their Valentine’s Day campaign to show one of the most important aspects of a wedding: the venue. The game helped the hotel promote its services and gather leads at the same time.

hotel tourism match it game

Tourism games to collect and use user-generated content

To promote the city of Sao Pablo, the travel agency TravelUp launched a game application that encouraged users to create their ideal pizza. Pizza is incredibly popular in this Brazilian city, so an interactive game was designed to attract and entertain the target audience. In order to take part, participants were asked to provide contact details so the impact of the campaign lasted much longer than in traditional one-way advertising campaigns.

promotion ideas for tourism: a scenes contest

Promoting luxury vacation homes with an online Hidden Objects game

Showing your product increases people’s desire to acquire it, therefore, your goal should be to show it off as much as possible. To this end, a vacation rental company created an online Hidden Objects game to show off a room in one of their rental houses. As the promotion was carried out during Easter, the company posted an image containing hidden golden eggs and challenged participants to find the eggs in order to be entered into the prize draw. The prize was a significant discount on the rental of their houses.

hotel hidden eggs

A travel agency obtains emails from potential clients with an online tourism puzzle game

All Seasons, an Argentine travel and tourism company, organized an online puzzle and giveaway for a flight and five-night stay at a hotel. All the participants had to do was solve the puzzle before the time ran out and leave their contact details. The organizer used the Easypromos Random Picker tool to pick a winner from among all those that successfully completed the challenge.

puzle travel agency example

Learn how the town of Leavenworth, Washington, USA launched a digital Advent Calendar to cope with the impact of Covid-19 in tourism, and how it has now become a recurring action not only for Christmas, but also for Valentine’s Day.

Promotion idea: Tourism games to capture leads and encourage tourist reservations at a campsite

Campsites can also capture lots of data from potential customers using online promotions. The Girona Campsite Association organized a puzzle to help convey a message of reassurance and security to customers during the first months of the pandemic. With the hidden message “Yes, we care” they signaled that their campsites were open and ready to accommodate tourists, while also generating enthusiasm for their campsites among potential customers. They also raffled a free weekend at their campsite to encourage users to leave their details when participating. 

camping puzle

Try our Summer Minesweeper DEMO and, if you like it, use our ready-made template to launch your own promotion.

Word searches, memory games, puzzles, timed quizzes, minesweepers… There are all kinds of games that brands can customize and launch on social media to achieve their marketing goals. Access our demos and templates section to try some examples and decide which one suits your company sector and the promotional action you have planned.

Do you have questions about your campaign? Or maybe you’d like to share your own tourism promotion ideas? Contact our support team via live-chat, we’ll be happy to help.