Engaging Summer Campaign Ideas to Help You Connect with Your Audience

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Summer is around the corner! And more and more brands are starting to embrace the idea of adding engaging mechanisms into their marketing strategies. Gamification is the answer to all your questions! It has never been easier to engage your audience with branded content. Today we look at how to encourage online communities to engage and interact with brands. It’s time to spice up your summer campaign with interactive mini-games. Read on!


Social Media in Lockdown – Tips and Advice on How to Stay Active

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Do you – like us – believe that brands shouldn’t stop their social media activity during the lockdown? Fantastic, you’re already one step ahead of some companies! Let’s remember that currently social media users are connected more than ever, therefore, high-quality engaging content is what they need right now. In this article, we share tips and advice on how to approach social media right now and we also show great examples of how some brands redirected their social media strategy to continue reinforcing their brand awareness, increasing brand engagement, and establishing stronger relationships with their customers. Read on!


8 Advantages of Using Your Own Promotion Templates

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Does your agency publish digital promotions for different brands? Does your company take a high number of promotional actions annually? Our mission is to make your life EASY… And this is why we have recently added a new feature to our platform, that can be accessed from any user role. You can now save your promotions as templates! Keep on reading to discover all benefits of saving your own promotion templates.


How to Take Your Business Online During Lockdown

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The 2020 pandemic has set a huge challenge for small businesses. But there are opportunities here, too. Here’s how to take your business online and stay in touch with customers during COVID-19.


Tourism Marketing in Economic Downturns

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Tourism is always one of the most affected industries in times of crises, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Travel agencies, airlines, museums and tourist destinations are now on hold. But their marketing shouldn’t be slowing down even for one second! Today we share with you ideas for tourism marketing in times of economic downturns.


Entertain Your Audience With an Emojis Word Search

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Emojis have become a large part of popular culture and digital communication. Complex concepts can now be easily expressed through different icons. But did you know that you can create online word search games where instead of letters users look for combinations of emojis? Keep on reading to discover how to add a fun and engaging emoji Word Search into your marketing campaign!


How to Attract Customers with Social Media Promotions

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Social media channels give you a great opportunity to stay connected with you online community and increase brand awareness. But how can you use social media promotions to attract paying customers? Read on to find out!


Customer Retention Strategies in Times of Uncertainty

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Customer retention in times of crisis or uncertainty is a tough nut to crack. Lack of previous experience and no one to guide you through the obstacles make the challenge seem even more difficult. However, technology and social media give us more possibilities than some people imagine. Today we will guide you through customer retention strategies that can be used by any brand.


How to Generate Leads Through the Power of Interactive Content

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It’s the million-dollar question: How do you generate leads on social media? What’s the best kind of content to reach people and get them started on the buyer’s journey? In today’s post, we’re talking about interactive content, turning followers into customers, and best practices for lead generation.


7 Ideas for Boosting Employee Engagement and Team Morale

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For the last few weeks, the Easypromos team has been fully remote. And we’re not the only ones: all over the world, people are learning how to work from home in challenging circumstances. Employee engagement has never been more important. Here are some of the ideas we’ve developed to keep motivation and morale high!