Generate Long-Term Engagement with Multi-Round Predictions

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Our daily lives are filled with sports events, contests, as well as major cultural events. We are surrounded by championships and competitions that take place in various rounds or stages. Now imagine being able to benefit from the excitement that these events bring about… Read on to discover how Multi-Round Predictions can help you generate brand awareness and customer engagement over an extended period of time.


How to Make Online Events Engaging with Gamification, Prizes and Promotions

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A very traditional and offline way of generating interest, engagement, and business has been forced to go digital; business events. It doesn’t matter if it’s small round table discussions, company year-end parties, large industry B2B trade shows, or B2C exhibitions. The world has turned to virtual events and digital gatherings for what used to be offline events.


How to Use Social Media for UGC Content Marketing

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Want to save time and money while creating more authentic, effective content marketing campaigns? User-generated content, or UGC, is the answer. Here’s how to collect user-generated content and run UGC campaigns on social media.


7 Proven eCommerce Practices To Boost Your Sales and Conversions
header proven ecommerce business practices

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Consumers are spending more time online and are turning to online platforms to explore and plan their purchases. This presents a massive opportunity for your business. But don’t just expect consumers to discover your store and start shopping right away. Set your eCommerce store apart by implementing these 7 proven practices to boost your sales and conversions.


Create an Online Escape Room to Boost Brand Engagement

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Everything’s online this year… even escape rooms! Here’s how to create an online escape room for customers, employees, social media followers or suppliers. Our virtual escape room app has a built-in reward system, with no coding needed. Read on to find out more!


How to Integrate Campaign Monitor with Your Easypromos Promotions

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Do you use Campaign Monitor for email marketing? Here’s how to set up an integration with Easypromos, and seamlessly bring promotion participants into your email marketing funnel. We share all the information and ideas you need for successful email integration.


How to Boost Brand Engagement with an Interactive Timed Quiz

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We all know how important engagement is and how much of an effect it has on businesses. But sometimes we hit the wall trying to come up with newer, better, and more converting ways to engage and keep our audience. But here’s some great news! The new Easypromos application is all you need to take brand engagement through the roof! In addition, the new Timed Quiz will help you attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Ready to discover your new engagement boosting tool? Read on to find out more about the Easypromos Timed Quiz.


Virtual Christmas Party and Holiday Event Ideas Your Employees Will Love
virtual christmas party ideas

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HR and event management teams have been pulling their hair for quite a few months now. First, trying to predict if company Christmas parties will actually happen, and now, looking for ideas and resources to organize virtual dinners and gatherings. Luckily for you, there are many different ways to entertain and engage your employees during online holiday parties, and most importantly, they’re nowhere near boring! Take a look!


Christmas Marketing: Ideas for your Christmas Twitter Giveaways

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Christmas – the busiest time of the year for most businesses! Improve social media visibility and grow your audience with Christmas Twitter Giveaways. Read on to see examples of successful festive sweepstakes and use our tips to run your own engaging promotion!


Movember Promotion Ideas and Ways to Support the Campaign

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October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness when brands around the world turn everything pink in order to support the good cause. November is no different, but this time brands and individuals help raise awareness of men’s health, such as prostate and testicular cancers. Do you want to play your part and reinforce your brand identity? Read on to reveal Movember promotion ideas.