Instagram Giveaway App with Advanced Features for Brands and Agencies

Miquel Bonfill
Miquel Bonfill
Why is it a good idea for your brand or agency to use a professionally designed tool to run Instagram giveaways? In this article, we outline the benefits of managing your giveaway with Easypromos and look at how advanced features can help you communicate with prizewinners.

Do you manage various Instagram accounts for your clients? Do you need to distribute over 100 prizes among your Instagram followers? Perhaps you’ve promoted a giveaway post but don’t know how to collect the comments left by participants. Or maybe you’d like to run a sweepstakes with an influencer and now need to pick participants from among everyone who commented on the post.

Instagram giveaways are one of the most used—and useful—tools for gaining followers and maintaining engagement with your audience. Organizing a comment-based giveaway is simple and can even be managed manually if participation is low. But if you run giveaways regularly, you’ll already have found yourself in situations like those outlined in the previous paragraph. In such cases, a specially-designed tool like that offered by Easypromos becomes essential.

instagram giveaway example

Whether you’re an online marketing agency, a community manager with multiple accounts, or a brand with lots of promotional activity, this article will show you how to take a step forward in managing your Instagram giveaways.

Managing multiple prizewinners in Instagram giveaways

If there’s only one winner of your giveaway, this won’t be hard to manage. You can simply send them a direct message, carrying out all communication through Instagram. But what if you need to distribute multiple prizes, such as 50 free tickets to see a movie premiere? You could send 50 separate messages, but this wouldn’t be a very efficient way of doing things. The Easypromos app enables you to activate the “Claim Your Prize” module. This way, all prizewinners are published to a webpage where the winners themselves can leave their contact information so you can contact them using your email marketing software (like Mailchimp or HubSpot). If you need to send out physical prizes, you can collect the winners’ postal addresses, as well as any other relevant information to help you segment and incorporate them into your CRM.

Instagram giveaways with sponsored posts 

When you promote a post on Instagram, Facebook’s ad manager clones the post and uses the copy to display it to the audience defined for the ad. In other words, there are two separate posts: the original profile post, and the clone which is used for ads

For this reason, to retrieve all the comments generated by the post you need to combine the comments left under the original profile post with the comments left under the ad. With the Multi-Network Giveaway app, you can add together comments left on both types of posts and carry out a single giveaway among all participants.

Collaborative giveaways with influencers and other brands on Instagram

As well as the typical Instagram Collabs, there are times when you’ll want to run a giveaway with influencers or brands. In these kinds of scenarios, you need to consider all participants: those who interact with your brand’s profile, as well as those who interact with the profile of the collaborating influencer or brand. With Easypromos you don’t need to ask the influencer to let you into their account to collect participants who have commented on their post. Instead, Easypromos’ distributed collaboration system will send a collaboration invitation to the influencer. When the influencer clicks on the link in the invitation, the system will retrieve all the participants who have commented on their post, and you can include them in the prize draw.

This invitation process is fully automated. Once you’ve reached an agreement with the influencer or collaborating brand, the rest of the management is carried out by Easypromos.

Instagram giveaway example

Templates for managing Instagram giveaways

After organizing a giveaway on Instagram and seeing how much your followers and engagement numbers have increased, you will probably be keen to run more giveaways. From experience, we know that brands with a consolidated and regular giveaway strategy generate stronger connections with their audience. By carrying out these kinds of actions, brands spend longer in the “top of mind” of Instagram users. 

Easypromos has identified the most common organizational tasks and created reusable templates to minimize management time. Easypromos provides templates for creating legal bases, and templates for customizing prizewinner management. The Show Mode template is particularly useful for this. The Show Mode enables you to generate a video of the moment the winners are picked. The video can be fully customized with the brand image and logo. 

Once the template is set up, it can be reused for all giveaways carried out by, or for, that brand. For example, if a marketing agency manages giveaways for 30 different client brands, it can use a different set of templates for each client.

Transparency and prompt attention via chat for brands organizing Instagram giveaways

One of the complaints that giveaway organizers must contend with most often is that the results are somehow rigged. Complaints of cheating can be a real nightmare and can ruin an otherwise impeccably managed giveaway.

In Easypromos, we’re well aware that the success of a chance-based promotional action depends on demonstrating maximum transparency and integrity. For this reason, we always issue a Certificate of Validity guaranteeing that the giveaway has been carried out using a random Winner Picker algorithm (validated by a notary) and that there has been no manipulation in the assignment of winners and alternates. Everything is recorded on the certificate, which is public and can be viewed by everyone. 

Instagram giveaway winner from Acer

However, even if you’ve planned your promotion perfectly, we know that the moment of the prize draw can be quite stressful. At that point, there can be no turning back. With that in mind, Easypromos offers a live chat for agencies and community managers to help them resolve any doubts they may have about the prize draw. 

And when we talk about prompt attention, we don’t mean chatbots or data request forms. We don’t use these things: in our chat, you’ll be attended to directly by a real person from the Easypromos customer service team, who will either solve your problem or refer it to the technical department. In Easypromos, we combine technology and personalized attention to provide security and peace of mind in the management of all types of Instagram giveaways.

Would you like to professionalize and optimize the management of your giveaways on social media? We recommend our Basic Pro plan for €49/month or €490/year, with no obligation to remain and zero cancellation costs. Discover everything that the Easypromos plans can offer you. Or get in touch and we’ll happily give you a demonstration and share some best practices for your promotional campaigns.