How to Celebrate Dog Day Online: Ideas for Giveaways and Contests

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
We’ve all heard the saying “Dog is man’s best friend” - and we couldn’t agree more. They’re fantastic companions full of affection and love. It’s been scientifically proven that they have a great impact on our lives and well-being. We bet that a big number of your customers are dog owners and let us tell you - it’s something you share bear in mind! In this blog post, we take a look at promotional ideas for celebrating Dog Day online - and therefore create strong customer relationships.

International Dog Day falls on August 26 but as it often happens with similar events, dogs have been given more than one day to celebrate their uniqueness. Different countries celebrate National Dog Day throughout the year. 

One of the most popular and principal objectives of any brand is to grab the attention of their target audience. That’s the reason why it’s so important to know who your audience is. Sometimes you might want to launch more targeted and specialized campaigns, for example, for customers that are likely to purchase certain products. However, if you wish to generate brand engagement, you might want to design a campaign that’ll appeal to a wider public. It can be your chance to generate leads, retain users, boost brand awareness and visibility, promote new products or even increase sales. 

So what would be a good campaign for a big audience? Participating in popular events is a great tactic to stay relevant and visible, and International Dog Day (or a National Dog Day in your country) is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your customers and promote your brand. Ask yourself: How many of my clients own a dog? Of course, it’s impossible to answer this question but you can guess: a lot! And people tend to be very close to their pets, which makes it a great avenue for fostering customer loyalty and relationships. 

We will now take a look at how brands celebrate dogs and their owners, what prizes are popular, and what kind of online promotions work best for International Dog Day. 

Dog Day ideas: promote your products with Instagram giveaways

Nowadays, almost every single business has an active Instagram account. Take advantage of this viral social media network and organize an Instagram giveaway that targets dog owners. 

The key to success lies in an attractive prize like dog food, toys, or other gadgets and accessories that might come in handy in a typical dog’s life. The following giveaway from a dog gear brand is an outstanding example of how to present a dog giveaway on Instagram. 

dog day giveaway example for instagram

Django teamed up with another dog accessories brand, in an effort to grow off of each other’s back – it’s a popular tactic between like-minded brands. In order to win prizes from both organizers, Instagram users followed the organizing accounts, liked the post, and mentioned three friends in the comments. 

Another dog giveaway idea comes from a popular Instagram account showcasing the life of… a dog, of course! The organizers teamed up with a dog snack brand and together they ran a comment sweepstakes for their followers. Like in the previous example, the aim of the giveaway was to grow the following, promote the products and increase brand visibility on Instagram. 

dog day instagram giveaway organized by a popular influencer

Note, that all these examples come from pet-themed accounts. However, ANY brand can celebrate Dog Day on Instagram because every brand’s customers have dogs! Just make sure you share a fun picture showcasing a dog and the prizes that you’ll raffle, the word “giveaway” is also a great way to attract more attention.

Do you need help launching your Dog Day giveaway on Instagram? Use our Dog Day Instagram Giveaway template to launch your sweepstakes in just a few minutes. All you have to do is edit the participation dates and describe the prize.

Ideas for Dog Day giveaway on Facebook

Do you believe that the majority of your target audience uses Facebook? Celebrate Dog Day on this social media channel! Just as Instagram giveaways, Facebook comment giveaways are an efficient and excellent way to generate engagement and user interaction, as well as brand visibility. 

comment facebook giveaway for dog day

Here’s how a handmade soap brand (no, they have nothing to do with dogs!) took it to Facebook to together with their community celebrate their four-legged friends. The soap producer collaborated with local pet products brands to together offer a bundle of dog products for one winner. To enter, users liked the post and commented with their favorite memory with their furry friend.

Planning to launch a Facebook giveaway to celebrate International Dog Day? Use our customizable Dog Day giveaway template for Facebook and launch your promotion in no time. 

Multi-Network Giveaway for International Dog Day

There are many pet product companies that have big online communities on different social media platforms, with thousands of users following the brand’s accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you’re looking to engage users across all social media channels, a good idea would be to launch a Multi-Network Giveaway. It allows you to run one giveaway on different platforms, meaning that you can choose one winner from among all users that participated on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Multi-network giveaway for dog day

Masymas Supermercados organized a giveaway on Instagram and Facebook, in which they raffled a dog food bundle for one lucky winner. Apart from promoting the products, they also generated engagement and improved their visibility. 

Promotion ideas for Dog Day: photo and videos contests

You must admit that no person is as photogenic as dogs! Take advantage of your customer’s attachment and love to their dogs and organize a photo contest to celebrate Dog Day. It’s a fun way to not only collect user-generated content but also reinforce customer relationships, as what dog lover won’t feel more attached to a brand that wants to see shots of their fluffy friends? With Easypromos you can draw a random winner from among all the users that share their doggy’s pictures, or you can choose to enable the voting system; voting is a great choice if you’re looking to attract more visitors to your contest and collect further leads. 

celebrate day day with a photo contest online

Are you interested in finding out more about dog photo contests? Find out how a photography studio organized a photo contest to find 12 dogs to feature in a calendar. The promotion was a great success!

Ideas for celebrating Dog Day online: fun games and quizzes

Easypromos offers a 100% self-service platform to create customized branded games, fully compatible with all mobile devices and ready to be shared on social media channels. You don’t even need any previous experience in programming or coding. All you need is an idea and an objective set in mind, also when it comes to celebrating Dog Day online. 

Take a look at the following Knowledge Quiz organized by Vetscriptions. The brand looked to engage their audience right in time for Halloween and raffle a £25 voucher. Apart from collecting leads, the pet brand also entertained their audience. 

dog day quiz for any brand

Would you opt for something a bit more visual? Here’s an example of a PhotoFun promotion, in which users designed a picture showing their plan for their favorite day with their dog!

photofun promotion for dog day

What do you think about all these ideas? Are you ready to celebrate Dog Day with your online community? Remember, that in case of any questions you can Live Chat with us!