How to Increase your Social Media Following with My Networks

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In November 2014, Facebook updated its Promotions Guidelines. One of the alterations was to no longer allow companies to oblige participants to ‘like’ a Page in exchange for an incentive or entry in a promotion. This policy change means that instead of requiring users to like your Facebook page, your priority as the promotion administrator should now be to encourage them to follow your brand on social networks. That’s why we launched the My Networks module with the aim of helping brands continue to increase their community of followers. This is available for all hosted promotions and versions of Easypromos and it enables you to encourage users to follow you on your social media channels. Below, we explain how the My Networks module works, and how to make use of it to increase your number of online followers.


5 Keys to Creating a Viral Promotion
5 keys to creating a viral promotion

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We have recently carried out a study to find out if users share their participation when taking part in online promotions. The results of the study have been very revealing: over 54% of users viralize the promotion across at least one social network. But, which factors ensure that users share a campaign online? In this post we outline the 5 keys points that you should keep in mind when creating an effective viral campaign.


How to combine online and offline marketing
combine online and offline marketing

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Combining online and offline marketing is a strategy used more and more frequently by communication professionals. It enables the perfect integration of different channels, taking advantage of the benefits that each affords. By combining these two marketing methods we can obtain a greater probability of success. This is what we are going to analyze in this post, by examining some of the moments at which online and offline marketing come together. This is known as Integrated or Blended Marketing.


Infographic about how users share the online contest they participate in

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Users who participate in online sweepstakes and contests are proactive when it comes to sharing the promotions with their contacts and friends across the social networks. According to data extracted from more than 200 Premium promotions, in which over 140,000 people have taken part, 54.40% of users viralize the promotion link in at least one of the proposed social networks. When contests reward users who manage to convert their friends into participants via the recruiting system, this percentage rises to 99.31%. But even when the promotion doesn’t offer this incentive, an average of 45.76% of users share the promotion link at some point during their participation.


Facebook will update the number of Likes on March 12
Facebook will update the number of Likes

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Facebook is still pursuing its mission to give greater value to “likes”. One of the latest changes made by the company aims to achieve this. This change is: High quality fans. 

Facebook wants to provide administrators with updated and consistent information about the users who actively follow their Pages. Their objective is to help Pages be more effective at reaching a public that is genuinely interested in their brand. In order to do so, Facebook announced that starting on March 12 it will update Pages’ Like counts by removing inactive or disabled accounts.


Call-to-action button for Facebook Pages
Facebook Call to action button - Easypromos

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Last December, Facebook announced a new feature for Facebook Business Pages providing the opportunity to add a call-to-action button to a Page. This new button first became available in the US, and has gradually been incorporated into Pages from other countries. The aim of this new button is to encourage followers to carry out an action from the Page. This action could be making a purchase, or signing up for example. Below, we explain which types of buttons are available and how to apply them to your Pages. We also provide some tips for getting the most out of this button.


7 key communications for the promotion participant
key communications emails participants

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In the majority of promotional actions carried out by Facebook, including the more traditional marketing actions, one of the objectives that brands try to achieve is the capturing of new contacts or leads of possible clients. Contact details, particularly email addresses, represent the most simple and effective way of communicating with your followers. Email addresses can be used after a promotion has finalized for carrying out email marketing campaigns, but this doesn’t have to be the only objective.


How to create a hashtag for your Twitter and Instagram campaigns
Create a hashtag for Twitter & Instagram campaigns

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Creating a hashtag seems simple, but to ensure a really successful Twitter and Instagram campaign, it is worth bearing in mind some aspects that are outlined in this article.


Effective contests: How to avoid barriers to participation
Tips for running effective contests

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One of the main objectives for a brand carrying out a promotion is to obtain the greatest number of participants. Without a doubt, this is one important way of measuring the success of a promotion.


Enforcement of the Change in Facebook Regulations of November 5, 2014 – FAQ

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On August 7, 2014 Facebook announced that a change in its regulations would be applied on November 5, 2014: the requirement for users to become fans of a Facebook Page before they can participate in a promotion was no longer to be permitted. In this article we explain this modification and we look at how it affects strategies for obtaining more fans for your Facebook Page.

Yesterday, November 5, 2014, we have updated all versions of the Easypromos platform (Basic, Premium and White Label) to adapt to the aforementioned change in Facebook regulations. In this update we have carried out the following actions:

1. Removed all the options that can no longer be used in promotions owing to this change to the regulations.

2. Added new features in order to counteract the fact that users can no longer be obligated to become fans.

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