How to Promote Tourism with Online Contests and Giveaways
Promote tourism

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It’s a small world nowadays! Everybody loves to travel, and with modern technology, it’s easier than ever. But when tourism is so popular, how can your destination stand out from the crowd? The Internet and social media offer a wealth of ways to promote tourism to your city, region or country. Learn how to use online contests and giveaways to boost your profile and attract more visitors.


Increase Engagement with Social Media Giveaways
Increase engagement social media giveaway

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For brands on social media, engagement is king. You want to boost it, grow it, measure it, potentialize it and convert it. But… what is it? Read our beginner’s guide to engagement: what it means, why it’s important, and how to make it work for you.


Add value to your brand with online coupons
High value online coupons

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We’ll say it: after the 2011 discount bubble, coupons had a bad reputation with retailers. But they’ve recently been making a comeback. Changes in marketing strategy, technology for validating coupons, and consumer attitudes have started to transform how brands use coupons. In this post, we’ll discuss what coupons look like today – and why they might be just what your marketing strategy needs.


How to Distribute Prestashop Discount Coupons
Distribute Prestashop Discount Coupons

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ECommerce continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, all over the world. That is why online marketing strategies are increasingly important. SEO positioning is one of the most effective tools for attracting customers, but there are other tools that can help you gain online visibility and boost sales. One of these is discount coupons. If you’re still not sure what they are or how you can integrate them into your strategy, and if your online store operates with Prestashop, then this post is for you. Below, we outline all the key points you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to successfully distribute discount codes made from this eCommerce platform. Ready, set, go!


5 fun ideas for a Father’s Day giveaway on Instagram
Ideas for a Fathers Day giveaway on Instagram

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More than a third of consumers will search for their Father’s Day gifts online. Here’s how to get their attention – with a Father’s Day giveaway on Instagram.


How to Integrate Online Sweepstakes and Contests With Microsoft Dynamics
contests with Microsoft Dynamics

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Online sweepstakes and contests are an excellent way of obtaining leads. These leads can then be loyalized and encouraged to make purchases. Today, there are a variety of tools that can help you make the most of your leads. One of these tools is Microsoft Dynamics, a CRM that could be your biggest ally when it comes to managing and making the most of your leads. If you don’t know how to combine Microsoft Dynamics with Easypromos, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through it.


Promote corporate events with these 4 quick, mobile-friendly tools
5 tools to promote corporate events

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4 ideas you haven’t tried to promote corporate events: Learn how to raise your profile online, create viral buzz around events, and have the audience on the edge of their seats with easy, mobile-friendly giveaways.


How to Make your Promotions GDPR Proof

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The GDPR is coming! Many companies and marketers have nightmares about the new General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union that will be applied from May 25, 2018. But really, it’s not that scary. The key is that it has to be clear to the users what their data will be used for. It is no longer valid to hide it in long legal texts that nobody reads nor understands, and neither is it valid to do the negative opt-out checkbox.


Creative and Engaging Ideas for your World Book Day Promotion

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Calling all authors, publishers, literary magazines, bookshops, and book bloggers… Are you ready for World Book Day? Try these fun ideas to make new contacts, learn about your readers, and spread the word about your favorite books.


Shoot up your Traffic with a Social Media Contest

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Perhaps your social media profiles are lacking followers. You might want to engage your followers more. Maybe you want to gain new followers. If so, here are some tips to boost your network with a social media contest.