How to Create a Successful Facebook Sweepstakes
How Creat Successful Facebook Sweepstakes

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Creating a Facebook sweepstakes is possibly the easiest way of promoting your product or service. However, there are some essential tips you should bear in mind if you want to get the most out of your promotion. Just publishing the sweepstakes and hoping for the best might get you a decent result, but if you prepare the groundwork first you can really tap into the full potential of this type of promotion. If your sweepstakes doesn’t stimulate much interaction from your fans you might be deceived into thinking that this type of sweepstakes doesn’t work. In fact, the problem is more likely to be that you didn’t treat the sweepstakes as part of a comprehensive promotional strategy.


What Are Facebook Lead Ads and How Can You Create a Successful Campaign With Them?
facebook lead ads

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Advertising on Facebook continues to evolve, providing new ways of reaching your target audience. Each day brings flexible new options that adapt to the needs of companies and brands. One of the most versatile of all advertising models is that of Facebook Lead Ads. If you don’t know what they are or how to integrate them into your Online Marketing strategy, keep reading. Below, we outline the most essential tips for ensuring that your next campaign is a success.


How to Create Online Team Building Activities

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Team building is a vital aspect of any successful and efficient team. The lack of cooperation and coordination between team members may lead to decreased productivity and low performance. Keeping that in mind, companies must invest time and resources into team building activities, especially now when remote working is becoming the new norm. Luckily for supervisors and employees, the Internet is full of possibilities for online team building activities.


How to Organize a Successful Twitter Giveaway

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s a great communication medium for brands. With millions of daily active users, companies often look for ways to engage with their audience, as well as drive engagement, and Twitter giveaways tend to do both. If you want to generate high-quality interactions from your followers and boost brand visibility, you should read on to find out more about running successful Twitter giveaways.


How to Create Integrated Marketing Campaigns with Easypromos

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Marketing campaigns are all about making your company seen and bolstering your brand and product awareness. However, launching a promotion is just not enough. In order to make your campaign successful, you must communicate it in an attempt to reach as many users as possible. Today we take you through integrated marketing campaigns and tips on launching them with Easypromos. Read on!


Aqua Park Attracts Customers with a Successful Coupon Campaign

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Seasonal businesses have the unenviable task of staying top of mind with their target audience. The peak season is when the majority of seasonal brands make the most of their yearly profits and when their main focus is on attracting as many customers as possible. The recent campaign launched by Annagora Aquapark is a great example of seasonal marketing. Read on to find out how the Hungarian water park grew their mailing list and attracted customers with an impressive summer coupon campaign.


Examples of Successful Lead Generation Campaigns on Social Media

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If you’re in charge of generating leads then you definitely know how tough it is to come up with effective and efficient strategies to collect the so desired leads. Social media brings together a tremendous number of people, therefore it is a perfect place to turn to for data collection. But it is often difficult to attract the attention of your target audience and even more to obtain their contact details. However, it’s totally doable with the right approach and the results can be resounding! Are you interested in finding out more about generating leads on social media? Read on because we’re about to explain some interesting facts and examples!


How to Create a Branded Hidden Objects Game?
How to create a branded Hidden Objects game

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Offer your audience an entertaining game and attract their attention in the blink of an eye! In this post, we will take you through all the marketing objectives that you can achieve with this new branded mini-game. Do you want to build your brand awareness? The keep on reading!


How to Create a Branded Memory Game
How to create a branded Memory game

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Are you looking to increase brand awareness and engagement from your social media followers? You can now do it with less hassle thanks to the Easypromos Memory application. This new branded mini-game can help you accomplish your marketing goals and help you boost your online reach.


How to Create a Branded Word Search Game to Promote your Brand
How to create a branded Wordsearch?

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If you want to challenge and entertain your online community with a traditional game known by everyone, then it is now possible…. With our branded Word Search app! You get to boost your brand’s online presence, create engagement and if you do it well, you will also generate new leads!