You can pay for promotions individually without the need to purchase a monthly or annual plan. The price depends on the type of application, the total duration of the campaign and the level of features that you need. Use this calculator to know the price in case you want to activate a single promotion.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I pay for a single promotion?

Yes, it’s possible for the apps in the categories CONTESTS, QUIZZES, GAMES, COUPONS & CODES and MULTI-STAGES APPS. The price of the promotion depends on the duration of the same, and the total cost should be paid upon activating the promotion. See prices per promotion.

The applications in the giveaways category (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Multi-Network, List and Event Giveaways) can only be purchased through a monthly plan. The monthly plan doesn’t have any minimum commitment time and can, therefore, be purchased for just 1 month to carry out the giveaway. The clients should deactivate the automatic renewal of the monthly plan if they don’t wish to continue having the plan active.

The plans are also available as an annual plan which gives 2 months for free*.


Is there any minimum commitment when purchasing a plan?

No, there is not apart from the purchased month. All plans can be purchased on a monthly basis and they can be canceled at any time. If a monthly plan is not canceled, it will automatically be renewed after 30 days. A reminder email will be sent 5 days prior to renewal. 

The annual plans don’t have any minimum commitment apart from the purchased year. A reminder email will be sent 30 days prior to the renewal date.


How long can a promotion be active?

The promotions can be open for as long as you wish. 

If you have purchased a plan, you need to have the plan active to maintain the promotion active. 

If you pay per promotion, your total cost of the promotion depends on the duration of the promotion. Duration is based on number of months. Example: If your promotion is 1 month (30 days) in duration or less you will pay for 1 month. If your promotion is 1 month and 1 day (31 days) to 2 months (60 days) in duration you will pay for 2 months etc. See prices per promotion.

The duration of the promotion can be extended at any time.

When do I make the payment?

The payment should be done when activating the promotion. This means that you can create and set up the promotion in draft mode without having an active plan or paying for the promotion. 

When you activate the promotion, the system will ask you to either purchase a plan or pay for this specific promotion if the promotion type allows payment per individual promotion.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay for your promotions via credit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express) or PayPal. 

We only accept payment via bank transfer for annual plans or White Label promotions. For these cases, please contact us at

Can I get an invoice for my payments?

The system automatically generates an invoice when you make a payment. You can download the invoices from the control panel of your account.

Do you provide refunds?

We evaluate refunds on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss a refund, please reach out to us by email to and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

What happens if the promotion's participant limit is exceeded?

If the limit is exceeded, users can still participate but, the winners and participants functionalities will be blocked in the administrator's control panel. The administrator can upgrade the plan to unblock these features. For promotions with over 50,000 participants, the organizer should contact our sales team. More information.


To change the data of an already generated invoice or change the credit card that is associated with the payment of a plan, please contact us at You can edit the billing information for future invoices from your account settings.